2023 Law Society Awards Winners

Emma Shaw
Law Society Medal | For meritorious service to the Law Society

Emma Shaw is the team leader of the Legal Services’ Commission’s Major Indictable unit, and has been a Member of the Law Society since 2011. During her time as a Member, she has made significant and meaningful contributions to the Law Society’s work through involvement on the Executive, Council and a large number of Committees. Emma is known for her thoughtful and well-considered contributions to the committees on which she is a Member. Her commitment to these roles serves as an inspiring example for others to follow in their pursuit of making a positive impact on the Law Society and the legal profession generally.

Julie Redman
Mary Kitson Award | For promoting women's legal rights and advancing the interests of women in the law

Throughout her career, Julie has focused on empowering vulnerable individuals, particularly women and children, to gain access to, and be supported in, the legal system. In her first year of practice on the Eyre Peninsula, Julie was instrumental in the establishment of the first women’s shelter in Port Lincoln, providing a safe haven for those escaping abusive situations. Julie was the inaugural Chair of the Law Society's Children and the Law Committee, a position she held for over a decade.  Julie’s dedication to nurturing talent and empowering women has had a profound and lasting impact on the next generation of legal professionals.

Graham Russell and Greg Mead SC (joint winners)
Justice Award | For promoting Access to Justice in South Australia, particularly for social and economically disadvantaged people

Graham Russell has been at the Legal Services Commission (LSC) for an incredible 46 years and has championed the legal rights of children and families throughout his career. In more recent times, Graham has been a key member of the LSC’s policy team, providing practical and well-informed advice to the leadership on legal policy and matters relevant to South Australia and nationally.

Greg Mead SC has spent almost his entire career at the Legal Services Commission and has made an immense contribution since starting out as a legal officer in the Criminal Practice Division.  Greg has been one of the State’s key figures in ensuring that people going through the criminal justice system can access their legal rights. He has been instrumental in the introduction of the legal practitioner panels system, developing merit testing for legal aid applications, and protecting confidentiality and legal professional privilege.

Zainab Al-Sweedy and Raffaele Piccolo (joint winners)
Young Lawyer of the Year | Recognising a Young Lawyer who provides an outstanding contribution to the legal profession and the community

Zainab Al-Sweedy was nine when she fled Saddam Hussein’s regime, so it is no surprise that she is now passionate about educating Iraqi women. Her fraught journey to Australia by boat, which resulted in her and her family spending 11 months at Woomera Detention Centre before being settled in Adelaide, shaped her desire to help others in similar situations. She is now a prominent immigration lawyer who is committed to helping people who have fled their previous home countries. In particular, Zainab has helped a significant number of people who escaped Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover in 2021.

Raffaele Piccolo is a barrister practising predominantly criminal law. He is a member of the Law Society Council, Chair of the Society’s Human Rights Committee, and member of the Corporate Governance Committee, Criminal Law Committee, and Governance Structure Working Group.  Raffaele is a prolific contributor to the Law Society’s advocacy activities, regularly proving detailed and thoughtful submissions on legal issues, especially those concerning human rights, which guide the Law Society’s advocacy. He has been at the forefront of the Law Society’s advocacy on numerous issues that impact people’s human rights.

Bulletin Awards

Professor Tania Leiman and Lydia Chia won the 2022/23 Article of the Year with their article "Surveilling our bodies? FemTech and the Legal Ramifications of using Ovulation Apps" and Mark Douglas won the 2022/23 Special Interest Article of the Year with his article "It is time for the legal profession to recognise and embrace disability".