Oral Histories

The Oral Histories project began in 2009 to interview eminent retired members of the legal profession and practising members of the profession.  A number of these interview transcripts are available below.  

The Society is grateful to the Law Foundation for their continued funding since 2009 to enable these interviews to take place.

 Author Link
 Mr Kevin Borick QC  Lindy Mcnamara View
 Honourable Rodney Burr AM  Lindy McNamara View 
 Honourable Dean Clayton QC  Lindy McNamara View 
 Honourable Bruce Debelle AO QC                                          
 Lindy McNamara                      View
 Honourable John Doyle AC QC  Lindy McNamara View 
 Honourable Kevin Duggan AM QC RFD  John Goldberg View
 Honourable Robert (Bob) Fisher AO QC   John Emerson View
 Honourable Samuel Joshua Jacobs AO QC   John Emerson View
 Ms Josephine Mercer  Lindy McNamara View
 Mr Peter Morgan  Lindy McNamara View
 Honourable Ted Mulligan QC  John Emerson View
 Honourable Margaret Nyland AM  John Goldberg View
 Mr Robert Piper  John Emerson View
 Ms Lindy Powell QC  Elisa Holmes View
 Mr John Snewin OAM  Alison Rogers View
 Honourable Chris Sumner AM  Lindy McNamara View
 Mr Colin Tindall  Lindy McNamara View
 Mr Kevin Ward  John Emerson View
 Honourable Terry Worthington QC  Lindy McNamara View