Mediation provides an effective and efficient alternative to traditional court-based dispute resolution. 

List of Mediators

The Law Society maintains a list of lawyers who are nationally accredited mediators. If you wish to find a mediator please click here or phone the Law Society on (08) 8229 0200. 

National Mediator Accreditation System

A national mediator accreditation system (NMAS) came into operation from 1 January 2008.  To be accredited under NMAS, mediators must meet certain practice, competency and training requirements set out in the Practice Standards and Approval Standards.

The revised National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) (available by clicking here) was approved by the Mediator Standards Board on 11 February 2015 and came into effect on 1 July 2015. 

Accreditation by the Law Society

The Law Society of South Australia is a Registered Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB) under the NMAS and accepts applications for national accreditation. 

An applicant must be either:
  • a legal practitioner holding a current practising certificate and the appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance; or
  • a legal practitioner who does not hold a current practising certificate provided the legal practitioner:
    • provides evidence of current membership of an ADR organisation that has a complaints system; and
    • gives an undertaking to maintain that membership during the currency of the NMAS accreditation once obtained; and
    • provides details of sufficient professional indemnity insurance.
The application forms for accreditation and accreditation renewal are currently being reviewed. Please call 8229 0228 for more information.

Training providers under the NMAS

The following organisations have advised that they are training providers under the NMAS. If you wish to undertake mediation training for the purposes of becoming accredited under the NMAS, please submit your enquiry directly to the course providers.

The Accord Group
Bond University School of Law / Dispute Resolution Centre
Resolution Institute
The Trillium Group
Australian Dispute Centre

Appointment of Mediators by the Law Society President

On occasions, the President of the Law Society is requested to nominate a mediator pursuant to a clause in an agreement or because solicitors decide to make an independent appointment of a mediator through the Law Society.   Once an appointment has been made, the parties (or their lawyers, if legally represented) and their mediator are advised in writing.  Arrangements concerning the conduct of the mediation, including the fees, are then arranged by the parties themselves.  For more information about this service, please contact the Chief Executive on (08) 8229 0222.

Fees for mediation should be negotiated directly between the parties' solicitors and the mediator.

The Law Society accepts no responsibility for any matter that should arise from the nomination of a mediator or the mediation process itself.

Further Enquiries

If you have any further queries, please contact the Society at or 8229 0200.