The aim of the Risk Management activities of the Society is to reduce the incidence and magnitude of insurance claims against legal practitioners.

The Society offers a variety of Risk Management seminars which have been developed based on analysing claims data with a view to engage and inform practitioners. The program provides a solid foundation from which practitioners can better reflect on their own professional practice to reduce risk.

Together with the Ethics and Practice Unit of the Society, Risk Management staff assist practitioners seeking information and guidance in setting up a new practice, improving management of an existing one and on various specific matters.

Schedule of Limitation Dates

Law Claims has published a Schedule of Limitation periods relating to causes of action in South Australia. Please click here.

Annual Law Claims Cases and Legislation Update

2017 Riskwatch News is an article by Law Claims setting out the more significant judicial and legislative developments during the period 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 which may bear upon a South Australian legal practitioner’s potential liability or on damages awards generally.

Issues have been highlighted rather than explored in detail. The case law and legislation of South Australia together with the more significant case law in other Australian jurisdictions during the period have been reviewed by Law Claims.


Riskwatch is an article prepared and published monthly in the Bulletin which highlight topical risk management issues that have emerged from recent claims and current claims trends, as identified by the PII Risk Manager from closed claim evaluations, or general discussions with the profession, as well as broadcasting changes to the law and highlighting the potential risks that may follow and which may give rise to future claims.

Riskwatch articles can also be found and searched for on the Resource Hub.

 Below are links to current Riskwatch articles:

 February  Risk Management 101
 February  Have you settled? 'Yes' or 'No' might not be the answer
 March  Notifiable Data Breaches and the Privacy Act - Is your Law Practice bound?
 April  Is video-conferencing putting you at risk?
 May   Witnessing or swearing documents must be taken seriously 
 June   How to not file a document - lessons in what can go wrong
 July  Do not rely on email instructions with respect to payment and account details
 August  PEXA responds to cyber attacks 
 September  Digital Licences can be used as VOI documentation, but proper precautions must be taken
 October  Shifting Sands for Workers Compensation Lawyers
 November  Critical cases that every wills & estates lawyer should know - part 1
 December  Critical cases that every wills & estates lawyer should know - part 2
February  Are you absolutely sure you are paying the correct beneficiary the correct amount?
March  Conveyancing conundrum: Who should sign a form 1?
April  Legal practice and technology - A dinosaur's concerns
May  Is it worth suing for unpaid fees? 
June  Don't trust your husband with your home computer!
July  Advocates immunity revisited, revisted
August   Donald Rumsfeld was right
September  Risk management for counsel
Time waits for no man, except perhaps for Australia Post
Don't be late: The importance of serving proceedings by limitation dates
Always follow the proper instructions
Keeping a watch on fraudsters
Informal legal advice: just say No
Will your $440 will go to the High Court?
How far do you need to go in testing your client's instructions?
September  Who's your client?
October  A "Tick" is NOT a file note
November  Lessons for Practitioners involved in Wills & Estate matters
December  Managing your risk through the Limitation of Liability Scheme
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For more information contact:

Gianna Di Stefano
PII Risk Manager
(08) 8410 7677