The Law Society's Library (Murray Law Library)


The Murray Law Library was established in 1939 and named after Sir George Murray KCMG, Chief Justice of South Australia. In 1938, Sir George Murray donated £10,000 towards the setting up of a library which he considered should be established by the Society for its members. Sir George died in 1942 and bequeathed his own collection of law books to the library.

The information services provided by the Murray Law Library play a significant role in supporting the goals of the Law Society by providing:

  • Legal resources for the profession;
  • Staff who have the ability to obtain information (from the Internet and hardcopy) to provide answers to a wide variety of requests;
  • The prompt and efficient delivery of materials, when they are needed urgently;
  • The opportunity for the profession to conduct research on the library computers using Society subscriptions to Westlaw AU, LexisNexis Advance, CCH IntelliConnect and Kidd’s Law Publications. For a complete list of services available click here
  • A strong network of supporting libraries around Australia to assist with the retrieval of hard to find material including cases and articles.

The Murray Library has a wide and comprehensive collection of:

  • Law Reports from Australia, England and New Zealand, on a wide range of subjects including Family Law, Taxation, Torts, Trade Practices and Environmental Law available in hardcopy and/or electronically;
  • Historical Legislation and Gazettes from South Australia, including Statutes, Regulations and Hansard that are not available electronically; 
  • The Library holds a large number of commentary services and legal encyclopaedias on subjects including Criminal Law, Family Law, Torts, Succession and Corporations Law;
  • The Library has over 2,500 textbooks comprising good practical Australian and English texts; 
  • The Library has recent Continuing Practical Development papers available to read in print and older papers can be viewed electronically. 

Advantages of Using the Murray Law Library:

  • Telephone and e-mail services
  • Research assistance at low cost
  • Assistance in finding research materials
  • Training in using electronic legal databases
  • Up-to-date textbooks available
  • Lower charges than other libraries
  • Members are welcome to borrow books
  • Catalogue to check what resources are available 
  • Relaxing area to do your library work, with unsurpassed views overlooking North Terrace
  • The Murray Law Library prides itself on fast, efficient and friendly service - so why not ask our helpful librarian to find your next case? 

Librarian - Lorna Hartwell 
Telephone: (08) 8229 0235 

Schedule of Costs for Library Services

(These costs are exclusive of GST) 

Copying is free for a fair and reasonable amount to be determined by library staff
$10.00 minimum for account if library staff does the copying

$10.00 per item, precedents and hard to find items - $15.00 per item

Research Fee
$25.00 per hour 

Fast Track/Priority
An additional $20 to the regular charge

Non Members
Additional charges on all services