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SA Court Rules, Forms, Fees and Practice Directions
Clerks Private Sector Award 2010
Daily case lists for courts in South Australia Here South Australian Community Legal Centres
Current cases to be heard by the High Court Here Government Departments
Courts, Commissions and Tribunals Here Legal Research Resources
2014 Court and Tribunal Fee Waiver Guide - LSC
Here Notary Locator
Supreme Court Rules Schedule 2 Scale of Costs Here  Family Court's Guidelines for Independent Children's Lawyer 
Supreme Court Rules and Fees (Interstate and SA) Here Law Society of NSW's Representation Principles for Children's Lawyers
Supreme Court and District Court Indicator on Counsel Fees
(applicable from 1 June 2017)
Here  Law Council's Cyber Precedent Website



Legal Profession Uniform Law 2015

 Legal Practitioners Act 1981  Here  Legal Services Council  Here
 South Australian Legislation  Here  Law Council of Australia  Here
 Commonwealth Legislation  Here    

Profile of the Profession

 2016 Law Society National Profile  Here    
 2014 Law Society National Profile  Here    
 SA Practising Certificate Survey 2014-15  Here