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25/01/2017  [Blog] Expanding access to metadata is a bridge too far
The Law Society of South Australia, 25 January 2017
"The Federal Government has released a consultation paper proposing a review into access to metadata in civil proceedings.  The Law Society argues that any proposal to permit access to people's data in civil matters would be an unnecessary intrusion on privacy and would create an uneven playing field in civil disputes" 
27/09/2016  Government urged to remove ticking clock on child abuse justice
InDaily, 27 September 2016
"The Law Society of South Australia is urging the State Government to remove the three-year statute of limitations on civil claims brought by survivors of child abuse against perpetrators"
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20/09/2016  Radio Interview: with David Ferraro & Tony Kerin
ABC Radio - Soundcloud Law Society of South Australia
ABC Drive host Ian Henscke interviews Chair of the Law Society's Children and the Law Committee about the establishment of a children's commissioner, and Criminal Law Committee Chair about changes to mental impairment laws
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19/09/2016  Law Society comes out in support of making sex work legal in South Australia
The Advertiser: 19 September 2016 
Continuing  to criminalise sex work in South Australia is robbing women of dignity and discouraging them from reporting aggressive clients, the head of the Law Society says. Society president David Caruso is calling for Parliament to finally pass laws that would decriminalise prostitution, after a string of thwarted attempts in recent years.’
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 07/07/2016 Law Society fights for "chronically underfunded" courts
Lawyers Weekly, 7 July 2016
'In the lead-up to the South Australian budget announcement, the state Law Society has called on the government to substantially boost court funding'
 10/05/2016 Radio interview:   Joan Sedsman, Chair, Law Society Succession Law Committee on Registering your Wills
ABC Radio, 10 May 2016
ABC evenings presenter Peter Goers talks to Law Society Succession Law Committee Chair Joan Sedsman about the Society's new wills register
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 10/05/2016 Radio interview:  David Caruso on Aboriginal Heritage Act
The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker
Indigenous Australians - legal aid funding cuts - Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 (amendments to) 
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 15/04/2016 Lawyers want revenge porn victims to have power to sue tormentors for hundreds of thousands of dollars 
The Advertiser, 15 April 2016, page 27
Revenge porn – draft laws – ‘changes to legislation to allow “revenge porn” victims to sue their tormentors for hundreds of thousands of dollars are being considered by the State Government.’- with comment from the Attorney-General, John Rau; Law Society President, David Caruso and Patrick Boylan, Duncan Basheer Hannon
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 23/03/2016 Smacking case:  Successful assault appeal endorses violence against kids, psychologist Justin Coulson says.
The Advertiser, 23 March 2016, page 9, editorial page 22, and comments page 25
Comment from a leading psychologist, Dr Coulson and Law Society President, David Caruso - "In his judgment, Justice Peek said the three smacks the man delivered his son's thigh leaving redness but no bruise were "not unreasonable" and for the purpose of correcting misbehaviour".  To view the judgment, click here.
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 21/03/2016 Lawyers hitting the bottle more than other professionals
Australasian Lawyer, 21 March 2016
Comment by David Caruso; Law Society President - "Private Practice lawyers suffer the lowest levels of psychological and psychosomatic health and wellbeing when compared to other professionals, according to new research released by a doctorate student at the University of Queensland".
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 15-19/03/2016 Radio interviews on various issues
David Caruso, President LSSA
Workplace opportunities for people with disabilities - click here
SA Water compensation for private property damage - click here
Victims of Crime legislation - click here
10/03/2016  Comminsure scandal raises doubts about MAC sell-off
By Morry Bailes
InDaily, 10 March 2016
"The Comminsure scandal highlights the dangers inherent in the State Government's sell-off of the Motor Accident commission's insurance functions"
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04/03/2016  SA criminal justice slowest in years 
InDaily, 4 March 2016, With comment from David Caruso, President of the Law Society and the Honourable John Rau, The Attorney-General

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02/03/2016  Gagging order Disgraceful
The Advertiser, 2 March 2016, Page 2
Includes comment from David Caruso (President, Law Society)
‘New laws proposed by Attorney-General John Rau prohibit courts from releasing evidence in criminal cases without first convening a hearing with prosecution and defence counsel. If passed, lawyers could block the public from knowing anything about a court case other than an accused person’s name, age and suburb, right up to the day they stand trial. The laws — asked for and supported by Director of Public Prosecutions Adam Kimber, SC — are part of the Statutes Amendment (Attorney-General’s Portfolio) Bill (2016).   To view the Bill, Click here

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25/02/2016 Radio Interview - Law Society President, David Caruso, speaks to ABC Adelaide Afternoons host Sonya Feldhoff about the Government's plans to increase probate fees.
ABC Radio 
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24/02/2016  Interview - Justice Reinvestment with David Caruso (President, The Law Society)
ABC North and West Radio Interview
"The Law Society and Australian Medical Association SA's call for justice reinvestment programs to be implemented to address appalling rates of indigenous incarceration"
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23/02/2016 Vow to stamp out marriages forced on girls 
The Advertiser, 23 February 2016, page15
Forced child marriages – proposed amendment to the Children’s  Protection Act - comment from David Caruso  (President, the Law Society)

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22/02/2016 Defibrillators to be installed in Rundle Mall  
Channel 7 News, 22 February 2016 - video
‘A push by Adelaide City Council to install life-saving defibrillators in Rundle Mall is set to be rubber stamped’- Good Samaritan Laws – comment from David Caruso (President , The Law Society)
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 07/02/2016 Indigenous lawyers and law students making a mark on SA courts under scholarship and mentoring programs - Click here
ABC News, 7 February 2016
Thirty years after South Australia's first Indigenous lawyer started practising, a growing cohort of law students is following in her footsteps.
In 1985, Irene Watson made history as the first Aboriginal lawyer in South Australia. This year, the Law Society and the University of Adelaide have awarded their first scholarship for Indigenous students to help them complete their studies’  
[ABC Television New Service - 7 February 2016 at 27.40
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06/02/2016   Cy Walsh trial for the murder of Crows coach Phil Walsh would be fraught with problems, experts warn Click here  (NB: Advertiser subscribers only)
The Advertiser 6 February 2016, page 11
‘Adelaide’s tribal two-team football culture and the passions it fosters will complicate the selection of an unbiased jury in the Phil Walsh murder trial, legal experts warn.’  - jury impartiality – Comments from David Caruso, the Law Society President and Craig Caldicott
05/02/2016  [The Advertiser (Online)] SA Supreme Court Chief Justice Chris Kourakis says state is uniquely placed to lead legal system.   "The Chief Justice Kourakis will speak at the Law Society's discussion panel entitled South Australia in the global legal world.  He will be joined by the Attorney-General, John Rau, Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson and the Law Society President, David Caruso" Click Here
03/02/2016  [Channel 9 - Wei Li verdict, included interview with David Caruso) "The Director of Public Prosecutions says the law won't allow for an appeal after a jury acquitted law student Wei Li of his mother's murder, and instead found him guilty of manslaughter"

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02/02/2016   The Law Society of Southern Australia's economic battle: more federal funding and overseas marketing of legal services.  "David Caruso, President of the Law Society, warned that this development could lead to criminality later on."

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01/02/2016 [Radio Interview - David Caruso] David Caruso speaks with Ian Henschke, host of ABC Adelaide's Drive program about the national campaign to increase Federal funding for legal aid Click here
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