Young Lawyers' Committee

A young lawyer is any law student, solicitor or barrister who is under the age of 35 years, or is in their first five years of practice.

If this is you, the Young Lawyers Committee is your representative committee within the Law Society of South Australia.

The Committee's main purpose is to promote the interests of young lawyers to the Law Society and the wider profession, and to further the development of young lawyers by organising educational, social, wellbeing and networking events and initiatives.

Young Lawyers Support Group

The Society in conjunction with its Young Lawyers Committee has established a group comprising 25 practitioners who have agreed to assist, where possible, young lawyers who may feel the need for some independent guidance from experienced colleagues. For details about this service, click here.
Find out about other Law Society support services by clicking here.


If you would like further information, have any ideas for future events or programs, or would like to express interest in joining the Committee, please contact Kate Walkley on (08) 8229 0200 or email:

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