Practitioner Scam Alert

The Society has become aware of another incident of cyber fraud targeting a law practice in South Australia.

A client received a seemingly legitimate email from the law practice with trust account details and a request to deposit funds. The email was not from the law practice and the bank details provided were not for the trust account. It seems that the fraudsters gained illegal access to the law practice’s operating systems by targeting a client who was due to deposit funds into trust for a pending property settlement. 

The Society reminds practitioners to be vigilant and recommends that all legal practitioners take the following steps to reduce the risk of cyber fraud:

1. Emailed directions with respect to money transactions should be confirmed verbally every time.

2. Account details should always be provided verbally, or via a written document such as a bill or retainer letter, and should not be included in the body of an email.

3. Educate your clients and advise them to contact you immediately if they receive an email request from you for them to pay money.

4. Have your cyber security systems checked.

5. Have sufficient cybercrime insurance in place.

6. Put in place a cyber-attack procedure and plan. 

Reports of cyber fraud affecting legal practitioners should be made to SA Police on 131444, Consumer & Business Services on 131882, and the Law Society on 8229 0200.

Further information about Cybercrime is available from: