Nominees who were unopposed/2018 changes 

All changes to membership of the Council take effect on 1 January 2018. Tony Rossi will hand the President role to Tim Mellor, who is currently President-Elect, and will continue on Council in the position of Immediate Past President

The remaining Office Bearers, who each nominated unopposed will be: 

President Elect: Amy Nikolovski
Vice-President- Female:  Rebecca Sandford
Vice-President-Male:  Tim White 
Treasurer:  Andrea Michaels

Nominees for the remaining positions were:

Metropolitan Member - Male (2 nominations for 4 positions)

  • Fraser Bell
  • Martin Frayne SC

Junior Member  (1 position)

  • Raffaele Piccolo

Country Member (Southern) (1 position)

  • John Kyrimis

Country Member (Central) (1 position) 

  • Peter Ryan

Council Members who will be leaving

The following Members of Council whose terms expire on 31 December 2017 did not nominate to serve a further term and will therefore leave the Council at that time:

  • Peter Humphries
  • Claire O’Connor SC
  • Denise Rieniets
along with the current Immediate Past President, David Caruso. 

We will formally thank these Members for their work for the Society’s Council at the Annual General Meeting and events later in the year. They have each been great contributors.