It was extremely pleasing to see that session attendance at the Society’s Forum held a couple of weeks ago exceeded the record attendance last year. The event continues to grow.  The attendance is consistent with the view reflected in the Member Satisfaction Survey a couple of years ago that the Society remains the leading provider of CPD in this state.

Naturally, I want all Members to think of the Law Society first when considering their professional development needs which is why I take this opportunity to outline a couple of the benefits of support by Members of our Program.

Firstly, the Society’s CPD events are consistently of high quality.  The sessions have always had presenters who are authorities in their field.  The Society’s premises were specifically designed for the delivery of the CPD and many have expressed the view that the experience and benefits of attending have improved markedly as a result – particularly as a result of the better technology available.

Secondly, most sessions have a webinar option.

Thirdly our sessions are extremely cost competitive.  Also, we offer a few sessions free of charge from time to time.

Fourth, the revenue generated by CPD sessions is used to fund services to members, keep membership subscriptions as low as we can and fund the advocacy activities we undertake your behalf – unlike CPD sessions conducted by other providers which are purely profit driven for the benefit of the proprietors of those businesses. 

Our CPD topics respond to topical issues for the profession, often as a result of suggestions and issues raised by our Members, Committees and the judiciary.  We seek to provide expert, timely information, where possible tailored to specific levels of experience.  Our CPD Program Reference Group that oversees the CPD program is chaired by a Judge and made up of Members representing a cross section of the profession.  All suggestions and ideas for CPD topics and presenters are warmly welcomed. 

Whether it be attending or presenting at a CPD session, I encourage you to support your own Society program in preference to that of a competitor.

There are several highly informative CPD sessions coming up in the near future.  Check out the Law Society Events section below for details.