Standard Property Documents - Minor Changes to Form 1 and Form 2

The Form 1 (for sale of land) and Form 2 (for sale of a business with or without land) have been updated in the Standard Property Documents Suite in line with the recent amendments to these prescribed Forms per the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Regulations 2010. The minor changes to the Forms are to remove reference to duplicate certificates of title. With electronic conveyancing commencing on 4 July 2016, duplicates are now no longer required, nor are they issued by the Lands Titles Office (LTO). This change relates to the part of the Forms covering particulars for strata units, which can be omitted if not applicable.
If you are concerned that you have been using the old Form 1 and Form 2 templates (pre- 4 July 2016) please be reassured that these completed Forms are still valid. However, we do encourage you to start using the new Forms. 
Note:  Under section 25 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1915 minor administrative changes to prescribed forms may be made provided that the forms are of the same effect and the deviations/corrections from the prescribed forms are not calculated to mislead.

The Forms have also been updated in response to subscriber feedback so they are more user friendly. Please forward any queries or feedback you have to Jayne French at the Society