"Stepped" Up to the Bar

Daniella Di Girolamo has recently completed the Step Up to the Bar program. Daniella was the inaugural participant in the program and spent twelve months in the Chambers of the Supreme Court. She was mentored by the Judiciary and assisted various Members of the Court in both civil and criminal matters.

Daniella entered the program from a civil litigation background and enjoyed the exposure to criminal work that the Step Up to the Bar program provided. Daniella tells me she particularly enjoyed and learnt from assisting the Honourable Michael David on the Louise Bell murder trial and in assisting the Full Bench in CCA matters.

Since completing the programme, Daniella has joined Murray Chambers. She is presently undertaking and has nearly completed this year’s Bar Readers Course.

Our warmest congratulations to Daniella on fulfilling the Step Up to the Bar program and utilising her experiences and learnings to start her career at the Bar. Daniella can be contacted via Murray Chambers and accepts briefs in most areas.