The Society proudly announces and congratulates the nominees for its 2018 Awards 

Winners to be announced at the Legal Profession Dinner on Friday, 10 August 2018





Article of the Year

  • Applications for special leave to appeal to the High Court, by Andrew Tokley SC (July '17)
  • Trial advocacy tips for young lawyers, by James Caldicott (November '17)
  • Eligibility of dual citizens: the coming of age of Section 44, by Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs & Dr Adam Webster (February '18)
  • How do you interview the mafia? – By Chris Bonnici (May '18)
  • The downside of being a trust beneficiary – By Andrew Shaw (June '18)

Special Interest Article of the Year

  • A short history of High Court robes, by Simona Kljun (July 2017)
  • Developing in a smaller firm versus a larger firm, by Rebecca Clafton and Evelyn Johns (September 2017)
  • Three brilliant Adelaide girls: Mary Kitson, Dorothy Somerville & Sesca Zelling, by Elizabeth Olsson (October 2017)
  • Theatre brings hope to young people in detention, by Anne Sibree (November 2017)
  • Poems for the Citizenship Seven, by Stephen McDonald (February 2018)
THE GENDER EQUITY IN LAW AWARD will also be awarded at this year’s Dinner. As there was only one nominee for this Award the announcement will be made at the Legal Profession Dinner. 

Please click here for further information on each of the Awards' criteria and background.

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