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Delegations to the Society

Following amendments to the Legal Practitioners Act by the introduction of Division 14, Part 3 of the Act on 1 February 1999, the Supreme Court assigned functions and powers to the Law Society via Rule 14(a) of the Rules of Court regulating the Admission of Practitioners 1999. No further variations of the functions or powers assigned by the Supreme Court have occurred since that time.

Delegations of the Council

Rule 7.1.3 of the Rules of the Society requires publication of all current delegations of Council on the website.  The delegations are set out below.

To Audit and Risk Management Committee
Re Banking and electronic fund signatories
To certain senior staff members re expenses
To Chief Executive
To Chief Executive, Executive Officer / Chief Operations Officer re expenses
To Corporate Governance Committee
To Ethics and Practice Committee (EPC)
To Executive re powers
To Lawguard Management Pty Ltd
To Litigation Assistance Fund Advisory Board
To President and Executive re authority to appoint Acting Chief Executive
To Professional Standards Scheme Committee 
To Executive re Show Cause applications under s 20AG or s20H of the Legal Practitioners Act 1981