Forum 2020: High Court Decision – Bell and Pentelow
Forum 2020: High Court Decision – Bell and Pentelow
"High Court Decision – Bell and Pentelow"
Audio recording only
1 CPD Unit in Professional Skills
Recorded on 14/02/20

Bill Ericson - Ericson Legal

Tim Cogan - Costs Law

The end of the ability of lawyers to recover party/party costs for acting for themselves: Bell Lawyers v Pentelow (2019)HCA 29. This session examines the impact of the recent High Court decision that a lawyer acting for themselves cannot in the event of success in litigation recover party/party costs for their own time spent in the litigation. It briefly examines the history of the previous rule that such costs were recoverable, and considers the impact of the decision on barristers, in house lawyers, disbursements, charging for clerk time, and
incorporated practices. It also considers the commercial ramifications of the decision for recovering disputed
solicitors costs.

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