Dual Citizenship
Dual Citizenship
Wednesday 5 December 2018
Recording only
Length: 58 minutes
Recorded on 5 December 2018

Andrew Tokley SC, Anthony Mason Chambers

About the session:
Section 44 and the Citizenship seven: an insiders look at the “dual citizenship” case and its advocacy in the High Court. The Citizenship seven case was arguably unprecedented in Australian legal history. Seven politicians from different political parties, seven judges, 24 counsel, an audience of more than 200 in the court room and a worldwide audience of many more. What was it like behind the scenes, to what extent, if at all did the advocacy make a difference to the outcome?

Andrew Tokley SC represented both Matthew Canavan (National Party) and Nick Xenophon (NXT party) and was the only advocate to represent the only two politicians who were not disqualified. The session should appeal to those having an interest in Federal politics, Federal constitutional law and appellate advocacy before our nation’s High Court, as Andrew endeavours to weave a story about all three.

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