High Court Decisions in Mason and Parsons
High Court Decisions in Mason and Parsons
1.5 Standard CPD Units

Julie Redman and Matilda Redman-Lloyd
Adelta Legal (Incorporating Alderman Redman)

Julie Redman, Accredited Family Law Specialist and recognised expert in this area of the family law and Matilda Redman-Lloyd family lawyer will present a paper on this area, followed by a panel discussion of invited guests being stakeholders in the area

With the High Court’s recent decision in Masson v Parsons casting a new light on the meaning of ‘parent’, it is urgent family lawyers revise our advice to client’s on legal considerations and obligations of sperm donors and recipients of donor sperm. When could they be deemed a parent with all the legal obligations that entails?

While our legislators revisit amendments that may be needed to our Family Law Act, Family Relationships Act, Births Deaths and Marriages legislation

The presentation will unpack :

the High Court’s verdict in Masson v Parsons:
This session looks at the key issues to consider when creating non-nuclear families, including:

Who are the legal parents and why does it matter? Understanding the different variables in LGBTI families:
Use of legal agreements and their weight to navigate the arrangements

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