Cornerstone Seminar: Advocacy in the Magistrates Court of SA
Cornerstone Seminar: Advocacy in the Magistrates Court of SA
Tuesday 5 July 2016
Recording and Papers
Length: 1 hour 44 minutes
Professional Skills
Recorded on 5 July 2016

Magistrate Luke Davis - Magistrates Court of South Australia
Michael Dadds - Dadds Jandy Lawyers

In this seminar, Magistrate Davis will address Summary Court advocacy, with a focus on practical tips on court craft and conduct, with an emphasis on guilty pleas.

Magistrate Davis will cover a number of areas which are not always dealt with in formal advocacy training, for example:

- What does ‘good’ advocacy in the context of the Magistrates Court mean, anyway?
- Should an advocate’s ‘style’ be different from that used in the higher courts?
- How to make a maximum impact in a short space of time?
- How to best prepare clients for their court experiences – body language and behavior, dressing up, etc.
- How to best prepare yourself.
- The presence of supporters or family members in court.
- When should pre-sentence, bail and medical reports be used?
- Negotiating with Police Prosecutors..
- Guilty pleas - what to cover and in how much detail?
- How to deal with ‘difficult’ clients in Court.
- How to deal with interruptions, impatience or hostility from the bench.
- Magistrate Davis will then briefly highlight some key principles for effective Magistrates Court trial advocacy, followed by the opportunity to ask questions, including-
Examination in chief – bringing out the narrative;
Effective cross –examination - direct confrontation vs stealth and innuendo;
Court craft – preparing your client for cross examination

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