Avoiding Miscarriages of Justice - DNA Evidence
Avoiding Miscarriages of Justice - DNA Evidence
Wednesday 7 September 2016
Recording and Paper
Length: 1 hour 28 minutes
Recorded on 7 September 2018

Presenter: Jae Gerhard - Principal Scientist
Independent Forensic Services

Chair: Liesl Chapman SC
Len King Chambers

Between them, Helen Roebuck and Jae Gerhard have over 20 years’ experience in operational forensic laboratories, having been involved in thousands of cases – including attendance at crime scenes. They are experts in Human Contact Traces (including blood, saliva, semen, bloodstain pattern analysis) as well as DNA analysis and interpretation. As directors of Independent Forensic Services, they are exposed to flaws in DNA evidence regularly.

In this presentation they will discuss recent technical and procedural changes relating to the handling of Forensic Biology and DNA

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