Native Title
Native Title
Wednesday 12 August 2015
Recording, Paper and PowerPoint
Length: 1 hour 26 minutes
Recorded on 12 August 2015

Richard Bradshaw, Johnston Withers
Georgina Reid, Attorney General's Office

His Honour Justice John Mansfield

This paper will cover the following:
.Barngarla claim
Recent High Court decisions on native title extinguishment e.g. Karpany (to be
considered in combination with the High Court’s decision in Akiba)
WA v Brown, a discrete (and significant) issue in relation to extinguishment (or rather non-extinguishment) by the grant of WA mining leases giving a miner the right to construct a substantial township, which decision has particular ramifications for SA in overturning the Full Court of the Federal Court in De Rose as to the effect of the construction of pastoral improvements on native title.


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