Leading Planning and Managing Large and Complex Cases
Leading Planning and Managing Large and Complex Cases

1.5 CPD units in Professional Skills

Drawing on experience in international litigation and complex domestic trials and appeals, this CPD provides top tips for effective case leadership, management, and strategic planning, including professional development for all the people in the team.

Tools, templates, technology and taking responsibility
The power of the list: Finding ways to be efficient, organised and precise.
The X factor: Retaining and attracting clients.
The damn opposition: Surviving the hurdles and the weasels.
The importance of creativity: Lateral but realistic thinking.
The purposes of the project: Strategic planning, delegating and researching.
The value of the team members: Creating and making opportunities for others.
The reflection: Acknowledging triumphs, owning disasters and making the ‘out of office’ work.
What promises to be a lively session with stories of huge drop-boxes, fabulous co-counsel, brilliant interns, zoom filters and “OH YOU WERE IN THAT CASE”… and how it’s OK for 15 hours of preparation to become 15 minutes of presentation.

Presenter Felicity Gerry QC, Crockett Chambers, Melbourne, Libertas Chambers, Melbourne and Deakin University.


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