Lawyers Becoming Mediators - Why the Fit is so Good
Lawyers Becoming Mediators - Why the Fit is so Good
Tuesday 22 September 2015
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Mediation is an alternative pathway to dispute resolution that is increasingly becoming the first option considered for all types of disputes commercial or personal, big or small. It resolves disputes amicably, quickly and cost effectively for clients without having to go to Court. It delivers a more convenient and private means of resolving a dispute, allowing parties at conflict to decide their own creative and lasting outcomes, which are not limited by the law or legislation.

In this paper, nationally accredited mediator Alison Shaw will take you through a journey in mediation, and how lawyers and legal professionals can add to the process of mediation.

Join Alison as she uncovers the primary attributes and skills that mediators with legal experience possess, and learn how lawyers can transition from litigation to mediation with ease, making them a great fit as mediators for all dispute resolution.

Alison Shaw, SHAW Mediation

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