CGT on Estates and Dispute Resolution
CGT on Estates and Dispute Resolution
Wednesday 25 May 2016
Length: 1 hour 24 minutes
Recorded on 25 May 2016

Adrian Cartland - Cartland Law

Joe Subic - Lynch Meyer

Many things that lawyers do trigger Capital Gains Tax (CGT) consequences for our clients. Considering the CGT implications in the structure of an estate plan or in the resolution of a dispute can bring potentially large benefit to our clients, or at least avoid some nasty traps! For example, will CGT be triggered upon:

The assignment or forgiveness of a debt?
A payment to a charity under a Will?
The removal of a former spouse as a potential beneficiary of a trust?
Payment for damages as part of an out of Court settlement?
An agreement that has mutual indemnities and promises, but under which no money changes hands?

This seminar will go through these questions and also similar questions that are common issues for lawyers. Options for structuring to avoid CGT traps will also be discussed.

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