The Intersect Between IP and Competition Law
The Intersect Between IP and Competition Law
Wednesday 25 November 2015
Recording and Paper
Length: 1 hour 12 minutes
Recorded on 25 November 2015

Presenter: Josh Simons Thomson Geer
Chair: Matt Murphy Anthony Mason Chambers

Intellectual property and competition laws are two sides of the same coin IP holders have a statutory monopoly to use and exploit their rights, and competition law is generally frowns on monopolies, and places limits on the exercise of monopoly rights.

The Commonwealth Government's Competition Policy Review, and a recently announced Productivity Commission review of intellectual property, have brought the intersection between intellectual property and competition laws into sharp focus. This coincides with increasingly scrutiny by the ACCC of the use of intellectual property by rights holders.

This seminar will discuss the intersect between competition law and intellectual property, the dangers of breaching competition laws in exercising IP rights under current laws, and the likely outcome of the government's reform agenda.

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