Addressing Modern Slavery in Australia
Addressing Modern Slavery in Australia
1.5 Standard CPD Units

Prof. Matthew Stubbs - Associate Professor, Adelaide Law School
Sarah Moulds - UniSA
Raffaele Piccolo

Addressing Modern Slavery in Australia: Challenges and Opportunities for South Australia

The scope of slavery seems foreign to many Australians, and certainly not something we expect to occur within our local communities. However, modern forms of slavery can and do occur on our doorstep, with United Nations estimates 25 million people around the world are exploited in slave-like conditions, including around 4,000 Australians. The concept of ‘modern slavery’ is not often well understood by policy makers or lawyers, and includes forced labour, wage exploitation, involuntary servitude, debt bondage, human trafficking, forced marriage and slavery-like exploitation.

This CPD session provides a broad overview of the international and national legal landscape when it comes to addressing modern slavery, and the particular responsibilities and obligations on law firms and legal practitioners when it comes to advocating for law reform, implementing best practice and monitoring compliance. The session will also update the South Australian legal profession and government policy makers to on the advocacy priorities being advanced by the Law Council of Australia in this area, and highlight examples of best practice when it comes to Australian business taking a leadership role in this area and also address the new obligations that now apply to businesses under the Modern Slavery Act 2019 (Cth).

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