Tax Essentials for Lawyers
Tax Essentials for Lawyers
2 CPD Units in Professional Skills
Presenter: Allan Swan, Estate Planning Equation - Preventative Law

here are 5 key taxes that have a particular impact on the advice and the documents provided by many Australian lawyers. Those taxes are capital gains tax, land transfer duty, land tax, GST and certain aspects of income tax. This workshop provides lawyers with a practical focus on the implications of those taxes.

Capital gains tax
• Main residence exemption & extensions
• Small business CGT concessions
• Earn out payments
• Intellectual property – goodwill & trademarks
• Family law rollover
• Deceased estate rollover – pre acquired & post acquired assets

Land transfer duty
• Nationwide exemptions
• Victorian exemptions
• “Foreign purchaser” purchases

Land tax
• Principal residence exemption & extensions
• Primary production land exemption
• Penalty rates – non-fixed trusts
• Superannuation funds, companies & fixed trusts

• Taxable supply v Input taxed v GST free
• Sale of going concerns
• Primary production land
• Commercial v residential property
• Margin scheme

Income Tax
• Comparison between structures
• Income splitting – personal exertion component
• Carry forward and carry back losses
• Work in progress
• Intellectual property (other than trademarks and goodwill)

About the Presenter:

Allan Swan works with private clients and their accountants, financial advisors and legal practitioners relating to the legal aspects of the following areas of Preventative Law, namely:

• Asset Protection
• Deceased Estate Taxation
• Dispute Prevention
• Estate Planning
• Preventative Law Strategy
• Special Disability & Protective Trusts
• Structuring
• Superannuation
• Tax Considerations
• Testamentary & Family Trusts

Allan also provides practitioner training and speaking services in the above areas, is an adjunct lecturer in the College of Law’s applied law master’s program, an instructor for the Leo Cussen Centre for Law, the Law Institute of Victoria, CPA Australia and other professional bodies. Allan is accredited as a STEP Trust and Estate Practitioner.
Allan holds degrees in Law and Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Services.

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