Estate Planning - Sealing the Cracks
Estate Planning - Sealing the Cracks

2 CPD Units in Practice Management/Business Skills

Presenter: Allan Swan - Estate Planning Equation – Preventative Law

The reality for many Australians is that they will lose their capacity to make financial decisions before they die, too often resulting in a void as personal, SMSF, family trust & business decisions need to be made. The focus of this webinar is anticipating that possibility.

Decision making when incapacity occurs

Powers of attorney – financial, medical treatment & care
Financial administrators & guardians
Informal or opportunistic decision making
Financial attorneys – personal estate

Financial support of adult vulnerable children
Payment of education expenses, eg for grandchildren
Retention of specific assets
Financial attorneys – superannuation

Renewing & changing lapsing binding death benefit nominations
Control of SMSFs
Avoiding death benefits tax
Financial attorneys – proprietary companies & family trusts

Director v shareholder power
Control of family trusts
Trust income & capital distribution

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