The Evolving Land Tax Workshop 2020
The Evolving Land Tax Workshop 2020
Recording and Slides
Presenter: Bernie Walrut - Murray Chambers
2 Units in Professional Skills
Whilst the amendments to the Land Tax Act 1936 made in December last year were the subject of consultation prior to their introduction and the subject of various amendments in the course of their passage through Parliament, a number of issues are starting to emerge that have ongoing practical implications in the application of the Act.

Some of these issues have arisen as a consequence of the Commissioner’s publications and emerging practices. Others are emerging as practitioners are advising clients on their alternatives and assisting them in lodging, or attempting to lodge, the required information. Whilst others have arisen from discussions with Commissioner’s officers and in other forums.

The Commissioner’s publications have also provided limited guidance on the many computations that are required in applying those provisions. Once again, some of those computations are raising issues.

The purpose of this workshop is to consider a number of those emerging issues and consider some examples that highlight a numberof the potential issues, pitfalls and possible opportunities.

As this workshop will be conducted as a small interactive session, the attendees will need to understand the changes and be prepared to engage in the discussion. Some examples will be provided in advance of the session to enable the attendees to prepare for the discussion.


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