Small Practice Kit

The Law Society of South Australia is pleased to introduce you to its Small Practice Kit.

The Kit has been the product of a great deal of hard work by the Small Practice Committee and the Society's Ethics and Practice Business Unit, Executive Management & Support and Member Services business units. The Society extends it thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in the project.

The Law Society also acknowledges and expresses its gratitude to the Law Institute of Victoria for allowing its Small Practice Kit to act as a source of some portions of text, and serve as a template, for this South Australian Kit.

The Kit is available free in electronic form to all members of the Law Society of South Australia and is an important source of information for small and sole practitioners on many issues.

The Kit does not cover everything that practitioners need to know or be aware of when starting up and running their own small or sole practice, and does not intend to do so. Rather, the Kit is a useful quick reference guide to be used as a starting point for obtaining information on the issues that the members of the Small Practice Committee felt were most crucial to small or sole practice.

To access the Small Practice Kit please click here 

Additional information regarding practice management can be found on the Practice Management Directory.
For more information about anything contained in the Kit, please contact the relevant business unit by telephone or email as follows:

Ethics and Practice (ethics, conduct, trust accounting) 
T: (08) 82290229 

Ethics and Practice (admission, practising certificates, audit report submission, MCPD compliance)
T: (08) 82290234

Law Claims (risk management, notifications, management of claims, Professional Standards Scheme)
T: (08) 84107677

Member Services (membership, sponsorship, events, room hire)
T: (08) 82290218

Law Care (health and wellbeing services)
T: (08) 82290263 or (08) 81105279 to contact Dr Jill direct

Litigation Assistance Fund (litigation funding)
T: (08) 82290263

T: (08) 82290200
E: or