Ethics Enquiry Service


Welcome to the Society’s Ethics Enquiry Service, the purpose of which is to provide members of the legal profession with guidance in relation to ethical issues.

The guidance is provided by legal practitioners employed in the Society’s Ethics and Practice Unit and is of a general nature. Pro bono targeted legal advice can be obtained via the Society’s Professional Advice Service .

You can contact the Ethics Enquiry Service by phone ( (08)8229 0200), email (see below or send an email to or you can make an appointment to meet with an Ethics Officer in person. If you want to remain anonymous just call the number provided, ask for the Ethics Enquiry Service and say that you do not want to identify yourself.

For email enquires simply type your question and email address into the boxes provided below and click SEND. Your question will be directed to an Ethics Officer who will provide an answer by email.

We welcome suggestions for articles, papers or guidelines in relation to ethical issues. If you have a suggestion please email it through to us.