Council & Executive


The governing body of the Law Society is its Council. The Council is comprised of the Attorney-General and the Deans of the Law Faculties of the University of Adelaide, UniSA and Flinders University as ex-officio members, together with six office bearers, sixteen Metropolitan members, three members representing practitioners from country areas and two members representing newly-admitted practitioners.


The Executive of the Council of the Law Society is comprised of a President, the Immediate Past President, a President-Elect, two Vice Presidents, a Treasurer and two other members drawn from the non ex-officio members of Council.



Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers owner/partner Tim White has been with the firm for 24 years. In that time he has built a client base as diverse as Australian society itself. He attends TGB’s offices in SA, WA and the NT.

He has particular expertise handling personal injury claims in which he has helped thousands of clients including defence force members, Commonwealth employees, state-based workers under the WorkCover schemes, and people with motor vehicle claims. 

His military clients include current-serving members who have been injured physically or psychologically, and veterans who have left the military but need assistance with their compensation claims. These include veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East. He has tackled historic and complex claims on behalf of veterans exposed to atomic bomb tests at Maralinga in the 1950’s and the bombing at Hiroshima. 

Tim is a member of the Air Force Reserves, in which he serves as a Legal Officer with the rank of Squadron Leader. This pursuit has inspired him to become one of the very few lawyers in Australia to specialise in representing defence force personnel and their families.

Pursuing difficult class-action claims is one of Tim’s specialities. He helped hundreds of South Australian breast cancer sufferers who were tragically misdiagnosed. He was also the driving force behind an international class action relating to faulty PIP breast implants.

His tenacity in helping his clients is also on show outside of work where he is a keen runner and cyclist. He has completed in more than 15 marathons and cycled in a number of long-distance events including the Police Legacy WA event /ride from Karratha to Broome.

Tim’s positions for and on behalf of the Law Society (past and present) include:


  • Ethics and Practice Committee
  • Litigation Assistance Fund Advisory Board
  • Regulation Advisory Committee
  • Law Society representative on the Joint Rules Advisory Committee


  • Professional Standards Scheme Committee (including as its Chair)
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • GDLP Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • New Lawyers Committee
  • Corporate Governance Committee
  • Costs Committee
  • Accident Compensation Committee 

Tim has been a member of the Law Society Council for periods totalling nine years and joined the Executive in 2017.

I am delighted to have been elected as President of the Law Society of South Australia and look forward to a productive and dynamic year in which my focus will be on boosting the profile, reputation and work of the South Australian legal profession and standing up for the Rule of Law.

The Society has important roles as a regulator of the profession, provider of essential services to the profession, and as the chief advocate on behalf of the profession.

I am hopeful we can improve the perception of lawyers and successfully challenge some of the misguided stereotypes about lawyers by highlighting and acknowledging the good work that many of our Members do that have a positive impact on the State by fighting for the rights of individuals, helping to resolve disputes, facilitating business and protecting the fundamental Rule of Law principles that underpin our democracy.

Some of the key issues I plan to focus on this year include:

Interaction and connection within the profession; and with other professionals

One of my main objectives for 2020 is to improve the interaction and connection between lawyers in SA and other professionals. Who an individual obtains legal advice from in relation to a business or personal matter is often determined by personal relationships. People seek advice from those they know well. Therefore, I intend  to host events aimed at assisting Members to build relationships with other professionals.  

Expanding legal markets for South Australian practitioners

The 2018 National Profile of Solicitors Report, based on data compiled by the law societies from around Australia, indicates a stagnant South Australian legal market. It revealed that solicitor numbers over the seven-year period prior to 2018 grew by 33%in NSW, 32%in Victoria, 39% in Queensland and by only 7% in South Australia. SA recorded the slowest growth in solicitor numbers in the nation over the period. 

Are we content with that disproportionate growth trend continuing in the future? Or do we want to make concerted efforts to attract and expand the legal markets for South Australian  practitioners.? I am aiming for the latter. This will take time to see the rewards but without concerted efforts to grow our profession in an economically sustainable way, our relevance in the national market place will  continue to reduce.

Improving the perception of the profession in the community

Another aligned focus of mine in 2020 is to try and improve the legal profession’s credibility and respectability in the community. Lawyers are often targets of adverse media publicity that is not deserved. We need to do more to connect with members of the public and communicate with them more regularly, openly and consistently.  We must be more transparent, accessible and relatable to members of the public. That means broadcasting the good news stories and regularly communicating with the public about   how lawyers assist people and why they should approach us to resolve their problem .

Assess whether the South Australia joining the Legal Profession Uniform Law is in the best interests of our legal practitioners

The profession each year continues to become increasingly nationally focused. South Australia should embrace the opportunities that a national profession can create. The Legal Profession Uniform Law, which allows solicitors to work across State boarders much more readily, was adopted in NSW and Victoria in 2015. It is being implemented in Western Australia in July 2020. The Society will continue to watch the developments in WA and assess if it is in the best interests of the majority of practitioners in SA for us to also join that national scheme.

There will of course be many issues that will arise during the year that the Society will respond to and represent the profession on. Briefly, I expect they will include dealing with the fallout from the ongoing review of the Family Court structure and system; the recommendations of the review of major indictable reform; the roll out of CourtSA in the civil jurisdiction and the commencement of the Uniform Civil Rules; and the evolving and growing space law industry in SA.

I aim to be both visible and accessible and to work with the closely with the Members of the Society’s Executive and Council, the staff of the Society and the members of the profession. 

It is an honour to be the President of the Society and represent its Members.

To represent the profession as effectively as possible, I want to meet with as many Members as I can, ascertain their views, issues and concerns and do what I can to assist them in the practice of the law.

Tim White

Office Bearers

Rebecca is a Special Counsel at HWL Ebsworth Lawyers in the litigation team, with a particular focus on intellectual property, media, defamation, privacy and competition law.  Rebecca's background also includes building and construction law, corporations law, property law and contractual disputes. She is admitted as a barrister and solicitor in the Supreme Court of South Australia and the High Court and Federal Courts of Australia.

Rebecca was admitted to practice in 2011, graduating from Flinders University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance).  In June 2015 Rebecca completed her Masters of Law (Applied Law) with the College of Law, majoring in Commercial Litigation.

Rebecca has been an active member of the Law Society since her admission in 2011, becoming a Junior Member of the Law Society Council in 2011.  After her two year term concluded at the end of 2013, Rebecca had a one year break from Council before becoming a Metropolitan member of the Council in 2015. She has been a member of the Executive of the Council since 2016.  Rebecca’s other Law Society positions include:

  • Member, Corporate Governance (previously Governance Compliance) Committee;
  • Member, Ethics & Practice Committee;
  • Member, Audit & Risk Committee;
  • Former Member, Chair, and Deputy Chair, Women Lawyers' Committee;
  • Former Member, Investments Committee (prior to that Committee’s disbandment);
  • Former Member, MCPD Regulatory Committee (prior to that Committee’s disbandment); and
  • Chair, Legal Technology Committee.

Rebecca is also a Board Member for the Flinders Law School Advisory Board, and a member of the Women Lawyers' Association of South Australia and the YWCA.  Rebecca was the scholarship participant in the YWCA’s 2015 SHE Leads Program, and has also previously been a member of the YWCA’s Nominations Committee, a member of the WLASA Committee, and previously sat on the Board of the Spence Club Inc. She is a co-founder of Women At The Table, a not for profit group established in 2017 to foster business and career opportunities for South Australian women by creating networks across industries and professions.

Rebecca’s personal interests include reading, yoga (especially Anti-Gravity) and exploring the best of South Australia's hospitality at our restaurants, bars and wineries.


Emma Shaw was admitted to practice in 1998. She is currently employed as Counsel in the Criminal Division with the South Australian Legal Services Commission (LSC). Prior to joining the LSC, Emma worked in several different positions including Senior Legal Officer with the South Australian Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, Legal Officer with the Regular Army (1st Brigade Legal Officer and Military Prosecutor), Senior Solicitor in the Crown Solicitors Office, Solicitor/Prosecutor with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and Counsel Assisting the Coroner.

Emma is currently in the active Army Reserve and a member of the South Australian Army Legal Panel, holding the position of Deputy Panel Leader.

Emma’s Law Society positions (past and present) include:

  • Member of the Executive (2019 to current)
  • Member of the Council (2018 to current)
  • Representative on the Board of Examiners (2017 to current)
  • Member of the Criminal Law Committee (2017 to current)
  • Member of the former Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment Working Group
  • Former Member of the Administrative Law Committee (2017-2018)

Justin Stewart-Rattray is the Principal of Stewart-Rattray Lawyers. He was admitted to practice in 1993 and has over 26 years of experience, of which approximately 18 years has been as a sole practitioner. Justin has established a solid practice in all aspects of business law, specialising in debt collection and litigation; both commercial and in insolvency. He has worked for a broad range of businesses across a range of industries both State and national, big and small.

Working closely with liquidators and bankruptcy trustees, Justin has been involved in large complex commercial and insolvency litigation. He is also experienced in restructuring and commercial property matters such as drafting and terminating leases.

Justin is a Member of the Society’s Professional Standards Scheme Committee and has previously presented seminars for the Society on debt collection and insolvency related matters. He has also been a member of the Society’s Council since January 2019.

Justin’s motivation to seek election was to give something back and help the Society ensure the wellbeing of the profession in South Australia. He is keen to maintain the viability of the South Australian profession, especially from the perspective of sole practitioners and smaller firms.

Away from the law, Justin is an avid cyclist both on the road and on a mountain bike. He completed the Flinders Ranges outback epic Mountain bike race in 2018 - a very long 15.5-hour day in the saddle. A former twice ironman triathlete, he has also been known to don running shoes and compete in off road ultra-marathons such as the Yerubilla trail. 


Fraser Bell is a Partner at Thomson Geer. He leads the group focusing on all aspects of environmental and planning law, climate change, and contaminated land.

Fraser was admitted to practice in 1988 after graduating from the University of Adelaide. Prior to joining Thomson Geer in 2007, he was a partner at Finlaysons.

In addition to his role as Treasurer of the Law Society, Fraser is: Chair of Bellberry Ltd; Chair of Adelaide Unicare; a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) SA/NT Council; a member of the South Australian Wine Industry Association Environment Committee; a previous member of the Property Council of Australia Sustainable Development Committee (SA Branch); a current Executive Committee Member of the SA Branch of the Waste Management Association of Australia (President 2002 – 2003) and a member of  Future Industries Institute Advisory Board at the University of South Australia.

Fraser was a Member of the Law Society Council from 1988 to 1989 and re-joined the Council in 2018.

Away from the law, Fraser enjoys playing tennis and golf and enjoys music and the arts. 


Amy is a Partner at Duncan Basheer Hannon.

Amy was admitted to practice in 2007, graduating from the University of Adelaide with degrees in Arts and Law.

In 2006 Amy worked as an Advocate for the Australian Workers Union before moving to Duncan Basheer Hannon in 2007 where she practises in the areas of workers compensation, motor vehicle accidents, public liability and general civil litigation.

Amy has been an active member of the Law Society since her admission in 2007 and is a former Chair of the Young Lawyers' Committee. 

Amy’s positions for and on behalf of the Law Society (past and present) include:

  • Member; Accident Compensation Committee
  • Member: Well-being and Resilience Committee
  • Member; Gender Equity Working Group
  • Member: Crash! Seminar Committee
  • Panel Member:  Litigation Assistance Fund
  • Board Member:  Litigation Assistance Fund
  • Member:  Young Lawyers' Support Group
  • Member: Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Member: GDLP Committee
  • Member: Corporate Governance Committee
  • Member: Investment Committee
  • Chair: Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment Working Group
  • Chair: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Law Society representative on the Law Council’s Equal Opportunity Committee.

Amy has been a member of the Law Society Council since 2012 and joined the Executive in 2015.

Members of Council

Ms Melissa Boyle Hugh Burton Chambers 
Mr Christopher Charles  
Mr Tim Dibden  Tim Dibden Barrister & Solicitor
Ms Victoria Gilliland Mellor Olsson
Mr Sam Hooper
Mr Michael Janus  Janus Lawyers
Mr Alex Lazarevich  Anthony Mason Chambers
Ms Marissa Mackie Courts Administration Authority 
Mr James Marsh  Dentons 
Mr Raffaele Piccolo Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
Ms Melanie Tilmouth  Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers
Ms Sarah Minney, Northern & 
Western District
Minney & Associates
Mr Peter Ryan, Central District 
Rudall & Rudall
Mr John Kyrimis, Southern District Kyrimis Lawyers
Professor Melissa de Zwart University of Adelaide
Associate Professor Tania Leiman Flinders University of South Australia
Professor Vickie Waye University of South Australia
The Hon Vickie Chapman MP Attorney-General