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Parties respond to key election issues

Posted on 8/02/2018
What are our political parties’ positions on key legal issues affecting the State? Read all parties’ responses to the Society’s Top 10 Election Policy Issues.

Top 10 Election Policy Issues

Posted on 9/01/2018
Ahead of the State Election on 17 March, the Law Society has released its Top 10 Election Policy Issues, outlining the key legal issues that require significant reform and resources to improve access to justice in SA.

Practitioner Scam Alert

Posted on 18/12/2017
The Society has become aware of another cyber fraud attack that happened in Queensland as recently as last week. The fraudsters gained access to law practice email accounts and appeared to have either emailed clients directly or altered outgoing emai

Amendment to the Supreme Court Rules re Increase to the Scale of Costs

Posted on 19/12/2017
We again draw Members' attention to Amendment No 8 to the Supreme Court Civil Supplementary Rules 2014, which includes an increase in the Supreme Court Scale of Costs - Supplementary Rule 219.

Practitioner Alert - Cybercrime Fraud

Posted on 2/11/2017
Cybercrime fraud is affecting all South Australian legal practitioners and it appears lawyers who perform conveyancing work and other services involving money transactions are being targeted.