Disaster Relief & Recovery

In preparation of a large scale disaster in this state, the Law Society of South Australia has coordinated offers of legal assistance from individual practitioners and firms who can be activated at short notice to provide legal advice and assistance.

For further information, please email disaster.planning@lawsocietysa.asn.au

If you are a legal practitioner wishing to register your offer of legal assistance, please do so by clicking here.

Bushfire Community Legal Program.

The Bushfire Community Legal Program (BCLP) commenced in 2020, following the 2019/2020 Black Summer Bushfires. BCLP is now provided by Community Justice Services SA. BCLP provides free legal advice, information and referrals to individuals, community organisations and small businesses impacted by bushfire events across South Australia.

They also provide free legal education to a number of bushfire high-risk or impacted communities across South Australia, on legal issues you may face after a bushfire (e.g. insurance and replacing fences). BCLP is keen to provide these sessions to as many communities as possible, to build resilience and increase preparedness efforts.

To discuss the possibility of having the BCLP deliver a free workshop to your community, or to seek free legal help, contact the BCLP on 1300 850 650, or email hmccoy@communityjustice.org.au.


You can access the Free Legal Helpline by calling 1300 366 424.

The Legal Services Commission of South Australia provides a free Legal Helpline for those affected by a natural disaster to speak to an adviser about their legal issues and options. The disaster recovery free legal advice service commenced in 2011 and has been activated three times. For more information or to book an appointment, call the 
Legal Services Commission on 1300 366 424.

Alternatively, to be referred to a lawyer who can provide assistance, contact the Law Society on (08) 8229 0200 or email disaster.planning@lawsocietysa.asn.au.

The Legal Services Commission also provides links to a number of useful resources and fact sheets including:

Legal Help Resources

These links are available from the Legal Services Commission website 

Other Useful Resources

 Emergency Information Resources

Disaster Relief and Recovery Resources