See a Lawyer Referral Service

This service has just had a significant upgrade – Register your firm now!

Are you looking for more clients for your law firm? Register with the Society’s See a Lawyer Referral Service and connect with potential clients in need of your expertise. 

Our Referral Service matches clients with law firms based on their specific needs including area of law and postcode location and other requirements such as preferred language, accessibility requirements, legal aid, Notary Public and home or in-custody visits, ensuring that you receive leads that are only relevant to your practice. 

Join our See a Lawyer Referral Service to enjoy the following benefits:

Increased visibility: Our service averages over 35,000 phone & online referrals per year. We continue to reach a wide audience of potential clients, putting your law firm in front of people who need your services now. Your firm will be clearly displayed (for relevant searches), making it easy for potential clients to find and contact you. 

Targeted & cost-effective marketing: Our service attracts potential clients who are actively searching for legal services in your specific area of law and location, providing our Firm Members with higher quality referrals than other forms of marketing, saving you time and money.

User friendly: Our upgraded platform is easy to use and navigate for both clients & law firms, making it simple for you to connect with potential clients and grow your business. 


2023/24 Pricing Gold Alliance Firm
(100% membership & registered)
Firm Member
(75% or more individual membership)
 Sole Practitioner   $175.00  $225.00
 Small Firm
(2-5 practitioners)
 $400.00  $500.00
 Medium Firm
(6-19 practitioners)
 $700.00  $875.00
 Large Firm
(20+ practitioners)
 $1000.00  $1250.00

Please note:
* Prices are inclusive of GST.
* Each office will need to update their listing and be invoiced separately (fee is based on number of legal practitioners working in each office)

Joining the Service:

* Gold Alliance Firms (100% membership) & Firm Members (75% plus membership) can join the See a Lawyer Referral Service. If you are unsure of your status, please contact us.
* Law Firms (by office) nominate all the areas of law in which they are experienced to receive referrals (unlimited from the list provided), along with the other services they offer clients. 
* Gold Alliance Firms & firms with Accredited Specialists will automatically have the relevant logo featured on their listing.

* An annual fee is determined by the size of the law firm (by office).
* Register before 30 May 2023 and your See a Lawyer Referral Service invoice included with all your firm renewal invoices.

For more information, please contact us:
Member Services
Phone: (08) 8229 0200

To include your law firm on our See a Lawyer Referr
al Service, click here.

Please note:
Only Partners / Principals have login & update access. If your firm wants an employee to update the listing (that doesn’t already have access to the firm reports section), the Partner / Principal will need to contact to request access.