See a Lawyer Service

The Law Society first offered members the option of being part of its Legal Referral Service in 1997.

In 2020 the Service had a change of name and is now referred to as the See a Lawyer Service.

For a small fee firms can nominate which area of law they practise in, the locations they operate in and other services offered. The information is entered onto the Law Society's referral database. When a member of the public calls the Society, staff match their requirements with the services offered by members. The potential client is then supplied with the details of three firms.

During the last twelve months, the Society made over 32,000 referrals to members of the community.

If your firm is not currently listed with the Society's See a Lawyer Service, you may be missing out on a number of potential clients who telephone the Society daily.

Members can register under a variety of headings:
  • Specific Fields of Practice
  • Geographical Listings
  • Foreign Languages
  • Home Visits
  • First Interview Scheme
The See a Lawyer Service can be accessed here.

Please call the Member and Community Services section on (08) 8229 0200 to register for this service. The service is for Firm members only.