Law Society welcomes passage of abortion decriminalisation Bill 
19 February, 2021

The Law Society welcomes the passage through the House of Assembly of legislation to decriminalise abortion on South Australia.

The Society commends those who worked to modernise SA’s abortion laws, particularly the Attorney General, on their efforts in passing these historic reforms, noting the Termination of Pregnancy Bill needs to return to the Legislative Council for a final vote.

The Society considers that the Bill as introduced into the House of Assembly should ideally have been passed without amendment, but acknowledges the reality of the parliamentary process and the compromise required to make positive advancements in law reform.

Most importantly, the Bill removes abortion from the criminal code and places it under a health model.

The Society’s view, informed by the comprehensive SALRI report, has always been that abortion should be treated as a health issue. It is important that we trust women, medical experts, and the rigorous, multi-layered regulatory health framework that governs the ethical, professional and clinical conduct of the medical profession.