Locating the Will of a Deceased Person

When someone close to you dies and you are unable to locate the will, a Lawyer may be able to help you.

Law Firms in South Australia have access to a Wills Register identifying the Law Firm who either holds the will, or created the will and may have useful information to assist you further. The Will Register is not an exhaustive list of all wills created, however it currently contains over 70,000 wills and is continuing to grow over time.

When seeking a will, the Lawyer will make the necessary enquiries of you to ensure that you are someone who is entitled to track it down i.e a parent, child or spouse.

If the will is not on the register, your Lawyer can also place a notice in the Law Society’s weekly newsletter notifying Lawyers across the state that you are searching for this will, which can often lead to positive results.

To have the peace of mind that your own will can be located when it is required, make sure you ask your Lawyer to register it on the Law Society’s Wills Register.

To connect to a lawyer who can help you, visit www.seealawyer.com.au  

For further information on what to do when someone dies, visit the South Australian Government Births, Deaths and Marriages website

If you are a Lawyer looking for more information about the Wills Register, click here .