Membership Forms

 Apply for membership of the Society as an admitted practitioner                                      Admitted Application
 Apply for Associate Status of the Society as a Law Student    Student Application
 Apply for associate status of the Society as a non-practitioner 
 Non-Practitioner Application
 Apply for membership of the Society as a Company  Company Application

Practising Certificate Forms

 Apply for a practising certificate - First Issue
 Form A
 Apply for Practising Certificate Renewal
 Form B

 Application for Volunteer Practising Certificate (Category D) Community Legal Centre  Form C 
 Surrender a practising certificate  Form L (Online)
 Form L (Hard Copy)
 Pro-forma affidavit
 Pro-forma Affidavit

Insurance Forms

 Notification of Employment – Conveyancers  Form D
 Application for PII Scheme Reduction – Low Income Sole Practitioners  Form E
 Low Income Sole Practitioner – Statutory Declaration  Statutory Declaration
 Application for PII Scheme Reduction – Barrister                Form F
 Application for Increased Contribution – Low Income Sole Practitioners
 Form O
 PII Scheme Contributions Independent Contractor Guidelines and Checklist  Form S

Interstate Practitioner Insurance Forms

 Change in Circumstance of Practice Interstate Office – Employment Notification  Form R
 2018/19 Interstate Office Practice Profile  Form

Professional Standards Scheme

Apply for participation or exemption from the Professional Standards Scheme  Practitioner Form
Application for an Incorporated Legal Practice to participate or be exempt
ILP form


New Practice Forms

Notice of Establishing an Incorporated Legal Practice
 Form G
Notice of Establishing a New Practice (Not Incorporated)
 Form H
Notice of Intention to Practise in Partnership SA Incorporated Legal Practices
 Form P
SA Practice Profile  SA Practice Profile
Barrister Practice Profile  Barrister Practice Profile
Interstate Office Practice Profile  Interstate Profile

Interstate Incorporated Legal Practices

Notice of Intention to Start Providing Legal Services Interstate Incorporated Legal Practices  Form U

Designated Persons

Application for Designated Person Status
 Form I

Trust Account Forms 

Appoint an external examiner  Form J
Remove an examiner, or resign as examiner  Form K
Legal Practice 2019 Annual Trust Account Signatories Notification
 Online Form
Irregularity Report
 Online Form
Notice of Establishing a New Trust Account  Form T
Notice of Closure of a Legal Practitioners Trust Account  Form Y
Notice of Withholding  Online Form


For detailed information about the documents required for admission  View

Change of Employment 

Notification of Change of Circumstances of Practice by Legal Practitioner
 Form N (Online)
 Form N (Hard Copy)

Closure of practice

Closure of Law Practice/Termination of Provision of Legal Services
 Form Q (Online)
 Form Q (Hard Copy)