The wide range of courses draw on experts from many areas of the South Australian legal profession to tutor students in their areas of expertise. This direct access allows you to network with barristers, solicitors and other legal experts from various backgrounds, who offer real-life perspectives on legal practice.

Students must complete all 6 of the mandatory subjects and 2 electives of their choice.

Mandatory Subjects
  • Lawyer’s Skills
  • Civil Litigation Practice
  • Commercial and Corporate Practice
  • Property Law Practice
  • Professional Obligations
  • Work Experience Placement
Elective Subjects
  • Criminal Law Practice
  • Family Law Practice
  • Employment and Industrial Relations
  • Planning and Environmental Law Practice
  • Wills and Estates Practice
  • Administrative Law Practice (online only)

The mandatory subjects accommodate the essential skills you will need as you enter the profession, and the elective subjects allow you to study two topics of your choice. The assessment items often replicate the realistic tasks of a solicitor practicing in that area, and are marked on a competent/not competent basis.

Students can choose to complete the GDLP face to face, online or a mixture of both!

We can create a personalised timetable for you to work around you and your commitments.

Our courses put you in direct contact with legal professionals, as well as a range of other recent graduates, enabling you to build your network of contacts and work collaboratively with others. The courses provide an experience that goes beyond the typical lecture/tutorial study, providing you with a realistic sense of what it is like to practice law in South Australia.

As part of Lawyer’s Skills you will have the opportunity to develop your advocacy skills with judicial officers, senior practitioners and barristers inside an actual court!

2024 GDLP Courses Timetable