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Specialist Accreditation

Specialist Accreditation
Law Society of South Australia

What is an Accredited Specialist?

An Accredited Specialist is a lawyer recognised as having expertise in a particular area of law.
Law Society of South Australia (LSSA) Accredited Specialists:
  • have at least five years full-time practice experience and at least three years practice experience in their area of specialisation;
  • maintain a high degree of professional development in their area of specialisation, which involves the continual development of their skills;
  • pass a comprehensive assessment process testing technical knowledge, writing and practical advocacy skills; and
  • apply for re-accreditation every three years, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.


How can I tell if a lawyer is an Accredited Specialist?

Only practitioners who complete an LSSA Accredited Specialist course of assessment can call themselves an Accredited Specialist. You can easily recognise any lawyer who displays the Accredited Specialist logo and certificate of accreditation.
Law Society of South Australia Specialist Accreditation is available in the following areas:
  • Family Law 
  • Tax Law  
  • Immigration Law

If you are a Lawyer interested in becoming an Accredited Specialist, click here for more details.

Why use an Accredited Specialist?

When a client chooses a lawyer who is an Accredited Specialist they: 

  • can expect experience and expertise in a particular area of law; 
  • can expect a high standard of professionalism; 
  • are choosing a lawyer who is recognised as having an enhanced level of skill and a commitment to achieving higher levels of expertise through ongoing professional development. 


Accredited Specialists raising the standard

Accredited Specialists are required to maintain a high level of education involvement in their areas of specialty by:
  • ensuring that the speciality remains a substantial part of their practice;
  • maintaining a higher level of continuing professional development than other lawyers; and
  • continually striving to improve the standing of their firm.


How to find an Accredited Specialist?

A list of all Law Society of South Australia Accredited Specialists is available below.

Law Society of South Australia Accredited Specialists

PractitionerFirmPhoneArea of Specialty
Miss Alicia Furman David Burrell & Co8269 7722Family Law
Miss Lauren De Vries Van Leeuwen Kin Lawyers Pty Ltd08 7076 9333Family Law
Miss Selina Nikoloudakis Andersons Solicitors8238 6666Family Law
Mr Christopher Swan Swan Family Lawyers8227 1970Family Law
Mr Ian Charman Adelta Legal8415 5000Family Law
Mr Mitchell Simmons MSM Legal8161 5088Immigration Law
Mr Ryan Thomas Andersons Solicitors8238 6666Family Law
Mr Samuel Burrell David Burrell & Co8269 7722Family Law
Mr Stuart Barr DBH Lawyers 8216 3306Family Law
Mr Timothy Stokes Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (SA)8407 7000Tax Law
Mr Vinh Duong Vinh Duong & Associates Pty Ltd9793 9745Immigration Law
Mrs Jane Miller Jane Miller8231 2244Family Law
Mrs Wendy Barry Tindall Gask Bentley8212 1077Family Law
Ms Alison James Alison Margaret James08 8212 7583Family Law
Ms Dimitra Tolis Tolis & Co Lawyers8443 4888Family Law
Ms Emily Rutherford Camatta Lempens8410 0211Immigration Law
Ms Jane Fox   Family Law
Ms Julie Redman Adelta Legal8415 5000Family Law
Ms Rose Cocchiaro Resolve Divorce Lawyers7228 6110Family Law