Australia and the Opening Markets for Legal Services
Australia and the Opening Markets for Legal Services
Monday 31 August 2015
Recording and Paper (PowerPoint slides only)
Length: 1 hour 30 minutes
Unit type: Practice Management
Recorded on 31 August 2015

Dr Brett Williams, Williams Trade Law

David Caruso - Fisher Jeffries

How have the WTO and all the various bilateral and regional trade negotiations changed the rules for international trade in legal services? What might the future regulatory environment look like? What are the challenges and opportunities for South Australian lawyers? This paper explains how Australia (through the government, the former International Legal Services Advisory Council, and the Law Council of Australia) has been a key player in the gradual opening up the international market for legal services that has occurred since the mid 1990s. It explains the framework of rules under the WTO’s General Agreement on Trade in Services and similar rules under some of Australia’s bilateral trade agreements and how these have resulted in liberalization of international trade in legal services. Then it looks at some of the trade negotiations that are still in progress to give a picture of what the future might look like.


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