Speaking and Writing for impact
Speaking and Writing for impact
3.5 Units in Professional Skills
In this course, you'll learn why being an effective speaker and writer is a major advantage in becoming successful in your career. When it comes to speaking, you'll learn how to organize a good speech, how to present it well, and how to use your new-found ability to get more clients, win cases, and/or get a promotion. In addition, you'll learn how to overcome your nervousness, and how to overcome stress in less than a minute. When it comes to writing, you'll learn how to write clearly, overcome writer's block, and write emails and information for clients that create maximum impact.


* Know why public speaking and writing is so important to career success

* Know how to write a speech that informs and entertains

* Know how to present a speech in a way that wows your audience

* Know how to use your abilities to rapidly expand your career

Major Subjects

Overcoming the common obstacles to public speaking: fear of rejection/ failure
Techniques to be more relaxed before, during, and after a talk
Creating the content of the talk: What are the concerns of your audience?
How to deliver a talk effectively and how to write clearly and succinctly
The use of humor, props, and your special talent
The power of stories, and how to construct effective stories that persuade
Memorization of your talk using the key word system

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