Risk Management

The aim of the Risk Management activities of the Society is to reduce the incidence and magnitude of insurance claims against legal practitioners.

One of the main initiatives of the Risk Management section is the Practice Visit Program. It is an interactive risk management session, held at your office/home office, which is tailored to one of your areas of practice. Every insured practice will receive a visit once every three years.

The Society also offers a variety of Risk Management seminars which have been developed based on analysing claims data with a view to engage and inform practitioners. The program provides a solid foundation from which practitioners can better reflect on their own professional practice to reduce risk.

Together with the Ethics and Practice Unit of the Society, Risk Management staff assist practitioners seeking information and guidance in setting up a new practice, improving management of an existing one and on various specific matters.

To register for the Law & Cyber “Cyber Risk for Law Firms” online course, please contact the Risk Management team who will forward you the registration details..