Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment 

The legal profession has made it clear that it will not tolerate bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment in our profession and therefore the Society as the peak body for the profession in South Australia is determined to do all it can to address this issue to ensure that all legal practitioners, whether working in the public or private sectors or in-house are treated with respect, courtesy and fairness and that the standards expected of the profession are maintained at all times.

As part of the Society’s action plan a survey was conducted on bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment within the South Australian legal profession in 2018 and in light of the results, various initiatives were identified and actioned by a Working Group to address the issues raised by the survey. 

One of these initiatives is the publication of a Guideline for Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassmentwhich contains a No Tolerance statement. The Society has adopted the No Tolerance statement and encourages all legal firms to also do so.  

If you experience bullying, discrimination or harassment in the course of your practice either personally or as a witness you should report it in accordance with the applicable policy at your workplace or to your supervisor or practice manager.

You also have the right to: 

Inappropriate Personal Conduct – Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner

The Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner (Commissioner) has implemented a new processes for the confidential (and anonymous if preferred) reporting of sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace bullying in the legal profession.

Persons now have the option of speaking confidentiality, and anonymously if wished, about sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace bullying in the legal profession to an officer appointed by the Commissioner prior to, or instead of, making a formal complaint. The officer appointed by the Commissioner for this purpose is Ms Nadine Lambert. Ms Lambert has specialised experience in this area

A person who is considering making a complaint of inappropriate personal conduct can contact Ms Lambert directly for a confidential (and anonymous if wished) discussion about the conduct and advice about complaint procedures, alternative options and available resources by calling 08 8456 8870 or by sending an email to bdh@lpcc.sa.gov.au.

For full information please go to the LPCC website at https://lpcc.sa.gov.au/inappropriate-personal-conduct. You can also access the Commissioner’s article “Sexual harassment in the legal profession: the role of complaints processes” published in the November 2020 edition of The Bulletin at https://www.lawsocietysa.asn.au/pdf/LSB_November_2020_F_LR.pdf.

Information about the Society’s support services, including LawCare and Support Groups, can be accessed by clicking here.

The Society's support services are available to those who experience bullying, discrimination or harassment: 

  • LawCare Counselling Service
  • Professional Advice Service
  • Young Lawyers’ Support Group.


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    Law Council of Australia

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    Practitioners are encouraged to contact the Ethics and Practice Unit for assistance or further enquiries on 8229 0229 or ethicsandpractice@lawsocietysa.asn.au.