For assistance with social and psychological problems, or any problem that is interfering or could interfere with your work performance.

LawCare offers practitioners the opportunity to discuss with a general practitioner, Dr Jill, who has experience in treating social and psychological problems, any problem that is interfering with or has the opportunity to interfere with your work performance.

The problems may be associated with stress (related to work or domestic situations), alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling addiction, matrimonial difficulties, a family crisis or career problems. The service is available to legal practitioners, or members of their immediate family, or law students, to assist with personal problems.

To make contact with Dr Jill, you are invited to telephone the LawCare paging service number which is (08) 8110 5279, and to leave your mobile telephone number.  You will then receive a return phone call, so that an appointment can be made at a mutually convenient time for you to consult with her.  It is best to leave your personal mobile number rather than a workplace number, because to ensure confidentiality, Dr Jill will not provide any information to anybody other than you.  

During the initial consultation, Dr. Jill will seek to identify the nature and extent of the problem. The treatment program may involve further counselling sessions and/or referral to a specialist in a particular discipline or to a specific support program for appropriate treatment.

The Law Society is pleased to be able to make a financial contribution to the cost of consultations with Dr Jill. From 1 July 2015, the structure of this is as follows:
  • Per person, the Law Society will cover the gap payments for two consultations of whatever length per financial year
  • Accordingly, after the second consultation within a given financial year, Dr Jill will remind her patient that the gap payment for any additional consultations will not be met by the Society (other than in exceptional circumstances – see below).  Dr Jill may then enter into a private payment arrangement with the patient.
  • An exception may be made if Dr Jill recommends to the Society that the Society pay additional gap payments because she considers the person requires ongoing services and they are unable to meet the payments for further consultations (anonymity will be preserved throughout this process).  The Society may then authorise that the Society will continue to meet gap payments relating to that person’s consultations. 
The Law Society’s only involvement is to administer the operational costs. The name of any participant in this service will not be passed on to the Society.

For general confidential enquiries about the Service, Annie MacRae can be contacted at Telephone: (08) 8229 0263 / Email:

Other Support Groups and Services

For assistance with personal and professional problems including assistance across all fields of practice.

The Society provides Members with access to a panel of experienced lawyers willing to assist colleagues with personal and professional problems, including but not limited to matters such as:

  • General professional problems;
  • Personal problems;
  • Professional standards/conduct issues;
  • Legal practice/business advice;
  • Legal cost matters;
  • Relationship with the Courts.

Practitioners wishing to access this service can click here or alternatively telephone Annie MacRae for further information:

Telephone: (08) 8229 0263 / Email:

For young lawyers seeking independent guidance from experienced colleagues.

The Society in conjunction with its Young Lawyers Committee has established a group of practitioners who have agreed to assist, where possible, young lawyers who may feel the need for some independent guidance from experienced colleagues.

Young lawyers wishing to access this service, please click here, or alternatively if you are unsure who to approach please contact Annie MacRae, on a confidential basis:

Telephone: (08) 8229 0263  /  Email:

For Members who are the subject of a complaint to the Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner.

The Society provides assistance and advice for solicitors who are the subject of a complaint to the Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner. 

Members in receipt of a conduct complaint can receive an hour of free advice. The service is provided by a panel of experienced practitioners. If more than one hour is required, some of the practitioners on this panel may be able to provide further assistance. It will be a matter of negotiation as between the companion and the member in relation to ongoing fees. Practitioners wishing to access this service can contact Annie MacRae, on a confidential basis: Telephone: (08) 8229 0263 / Email:
The program seeks to unite female lawyers seeking guidance and support with more experienced practitioners (male or female) willing to commit time and energy to the professional development of a female lawyer in the early stages of her career. The program is managed by the Women Lawyers' Committee.