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 09/12/2019  Robodebt case validates customers’ grievances View
 25/11/2019  Urgent reform needed for under-resourced family law courts  View
11/11/2019   Whistleblower protections should extend to public sector View  
 28/10/2019  Protest rights vital for democracy View 
 14/10/2019  Aboriginal customs must be respected in animal hunting debate View 
 30/09/2019  Human cost of the Robodebt system  View 
 16/09/2019  Lessons from tobacco epidemic applied to vaping   View
 02/09/2019  Beyond reasonable doubt  View
 19/08/2019  Beware of scams   View
 05/08/2019  Exploitative employers should be hit in the back pocket
 22/07/2019   Clarity needed over e-scooter rules  View
 08/07/2019  Rejected recommendations bad news for injured motorists  View
 24/06/2019  Abortion should not be a criminal offence View
 10/06/2019  National security laws must be balanced by protections for journalists & sources View 
 27/05/2019  If political advertising angers you, vote for change View 
 13/05/2019  Advance Care Directives review a prime opportunity for reform   View 
 29/04/2019  Social media, religious expression and workplace law  View
 15/04/2019  Regional court services must be protected  View
 01/04/2019  Social Media and Hate Speech View
18/03/2019   Pell judgment exemplifies the complexities of sentencing View
18/02/2019  Women's Suffrage View
04/02/2019  MAC sale to Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway not the job boom it appears to be View
21/01/2019  Privacy should be protected against drones View
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24/12/2018  Digital communication presents major challenge for suppression laws View
10/12/2018  Speed gun law changes fail to address key concerns View
26/11/2018  Mandatory Drug Treatment for Children View
12/11/2018  Basic decency kept under lock and key View
29/10/2018  Family Court restructure View
15/10/2018  Gavel falls on credibility of US system 
01/10/2018  Prelim saga should trigger review of SANFL rules
17/09/2018  Privatising prisons must not come at a cost to community
03/09/2018  On Field Violence View
20/08/2018  Judicial Sentencing  View
06/08/2018  Workers Compensation Scheme discriminates against psychological injuries View
23/07/2018  Prisoner Voting View
25/06/2018  Learning of crimes in the confession box View
11/06/2018  Fans to be protected from predators View
28/05/2018  ATO & Burden of Proof  View
15/05/2018  Community consultation essential in planning process View
30/04/2018  We need a whole of community response to tackle cyber bullying View
16/04/2018  Live Sheep Exports View
02/04/2018  Redemption & retribution in our criminal justice system View
18/03/2018  Domestic violence public disclosure scheme 
05/03/2018  Complaints to ICAC View
19/02/2018  Citizens Arrests View
05/02/2018  CTP Scheme View
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18/12/2017  Sex, Marriage and Wills View
04/12/2017   Love, Marriage and Prenuptial Agreements View 
20/11/2017   Families of the deceased should discover the truth   View
06/11/2017   Workers Compensation delays need to be addressed  View 
23/10/2017   The Parliament acts urgently in relation to paedophiles  View 
09/10/2017  New laws could aim at wrong targets View
25/09/2017  Legal Implications for Medicinal Cannabis View
11/09/2017   Modern Technology and Bullying  View
28/08/2017   What has the Government done with our LTO data? View
14/08/2017  The Erosion of the Professions View
31/07/2017  When can employers intrude into the private lives of employees? View 
17/07/2017   South Australia needs comprehensive approach to deal with child protection and youth offending  View 
03/07/2017  Political lines become more blurred View
19/06/2017  Stricter bail and parole laws won't curb terrorism View
05/06/2017  Big ask to police kids’ party drinking
22/05/2017  Judges must shun penal populism
08/05/2017  ICAC has powers to investigate Oakden View
24/04/2017  An independent judiciary cannot come at a cost View
10/04/2017  Procedural reform laws will not fix problems in justice system  View 
27/03/2017  Undermining rule of law is a path to chaos View
20/03/2017  Justice cannot be done on the cheap View
13/03/2017  Courts can be neglected no longer View
27/02/2017  More action needed to stem overcrowding in SA prisons View
13/02/2017  President Trumped by the Court View
31/01/2017  The task of reducing reoffending View
16/01/2017  Is online piracy ethically different to theft? View
02/01/2017  Abuse of elderly must not be tolerated View
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19/12/2016  Cost risks of money laundering laws View
06/12/2016  Justice system faces major challenges View
06/11/2016  It's time to overhaul laws of consent View
25/10/2016  Growing extent of telecommunication fraud an increasing global concern View
10/10/2016  Flushing privacy in fight against drugs View
03/10/2016  Ensure nuke move doesn't have holes View
26/09/2016  Awareness the way to prevent pile-ups View
19/09/2016  No sense to making prostitution a crime View
12/09/2016  When power to right a wrong is needed View
05/09/2016  Children missing their identity lash out View
29/08/2016  Laying down the law on sentencing View
22/08/2016  Former detainees now driving growth View
15/08/2016  Property transactions simpler, faster View
01/08/2016  Male family members likeliest killers View
25/07/2016  Judiciary stabilises as politics changes View
18/07/2016  Vulnerable witnesses to get court support View
11/07/2016  Spin aside, scant justice in SA Budget View
04/07/2016  Ring in the change to cashless society View
30/06/2016  How our pollies enjoy a licence to lie View
20/06/2016  Closing borders not the way to a safe society? View
13/06/2016  What are your rights when made redundant? View
06/06/2016  Sustaining APY needs a shared voice View 
30/05/2016  High cost of sleep mode's a big turn off View
23/05/2016  Be wary of laws curbing rights and freedoms View
16/05/2016  Legal aid facing prospect of death by 1000 cuts View
02/05/2016  Suicide is a silent killer - reach out, if you can, to those in need View
25/04/2016  Something Rotten in the Small Claims of South Australia View
18/04/2016  Sexual harassment is bad for business View
11/04/2016  Do our stiffest road fines fit the crimes?
04/04/2016  Pluralism can win war on terrorism View
28/03/2016  Soft drink levy an inequitable solution View
21/03/2016  Ants in my pants over cracking courts View
14/03/2016  Weight of red tape threatens to end day of sausage sizzle
07/03/2016  New laws needed for sexting offences View
29/02/2016  Probate hikes brought into question
22/02/2016  Migrants battle to unite their families
15/02/2016  Good health is a key to good prisons View
08/02/2016  Counting up the cost of enjoying music View
01/02/2016  Jury must always be given discretion View
25/01/2016  Why the world can truly love our lamb View
18/01/2016  Mere centimetres of water can be a lethal hazard to children
11/01/2016  Owners of 'non-driverless' vehicles may be charged higher premiums View
04/01/2016  Understanding law key to having access to justice View
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21/12/2015  Police checks a bureaucratic nightmare View
14/12/2015  Room for drink driver restricted licences View
07/12/2015  Is Clare's law best way to tackle DV? View
30/11/2015  Should victims play role in sentencing? View
23/11/2015  Disability justice plan needs safeguards View
16/11/2015  Unfair workers' compensation law needs rethink View
09/11/2015  Can our right-to-know hurt open justice? View 
02/11/2015  First Australians need real recognition View
26/10/2015  Discretion needed for visa cancellations View
19/10/2015  Cyclist insurance not a simple solution View
12/10/2015  Court will rule on offshore processing  View 
05/10/2015   Domestic violence services need review  View 
28/09/2015   Tattoo industry ban hurts innocents View
21/09/2015   Goodes' workplace bullying against law  View 
17/09/2015   Victims of Crime (not published) View 
07/09/2015   Scourge of ice brings sentencing to fore View
31/08/2015   Our privacy laws are no bar to hackers View
25/08/2015   Power to change marriage law granted View 
18/08/2015   Legal aid cuts will hurt people of APY  View 
10/08/2015   New surrogacy laws must protect kids and mothers View
03/08/2015   Naked truth faces legislative reform  View 
27/07/2015   Rule of law at heart of marriage equality  View 
20/07/2015   Justice should focus on causes of crime View 
13/07/2015  Cards on table for troubled gamblers View 
06/07/2015  Risk of pain in workers compo scheme  View 
29/06/2015   Citizenship bill demolishes rule of law  View 
22/06/2015  Copying bad bikie laws could backfire  View 
18/06/2015   800th Anniversary of Magna Carta  View 
08/06/2015   Parole Law Change would benefit justice View 
01/06/2015   Employers can be threat to free speech  View 
25/05/2015  Fight for a worthy cause  View 
18/05/2015  Workplace bullying should be a crime  View 
11/05/2015  Time for external review of prosecution View 
04/05/2015   Right to silence key to justice system  View 
27/04/2015   The Coroner's Chloe Valentine findings were damning of Families SA View 
20/04/2015   Berry source leaves a sour taste  View
13/04/2015   David Hicks had basic human rights violated  View 
06/04/2015   In search of the representative judiciary View
23/03/2015   Mandatory sentencing not smart on crime  View 
16/03/2015   Time to look at a Medicare-type legal insurance scheme  View
09/03/2015   New Drug Bill has no place in a democratic Society View 
02/03/2015   Tighten privacy law to avoid 1984 View 
23/02/2015   Political pressure strikes at heart of justice system  View 
16/02/2015   Court of Criminal Appeal correct in cutting 'slasher' sentence  View 
09/02/2015   Nothing undermines justice system more than conviction of innocents View 
02/02/2015   Has Indonesia failed its obligations by executing drug offenders?  View 
26/01/2015   Australians should celebrate our right to speak freely View 
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28/12/2014   Access to justice ought to be treated with as much gravity as the requirement to provide health care  View 
22/12/2014   In search for siege answers stick to facts not speculation  View 
15/12/2014   Duelling adults must put the interests of their children first during holiday period  View 
08/12/2014   Metadata laws may compromise fundamental right to privacy  View 
01/12/2014   Aboriginal incarceration has become a national emergency and we can wait no longer
24/11/2014   The Government will help itself to motor vehicle accident money intended to compensate you View 
17/11/2014   Random acts of kindness are alive and well within the legal profession View 
10/11/2014   Impending court closures a major blow  View 
03/11/2014  Social media could reduce jury trials View 
27/10/2014  What does show cause really mean? View 
20/10/2014  Misleading or just advertising puffery View 
13/10/2014   Sharing mental health issues around View
06/10/2014  As far as gender goes its legal tender View 
22/09/2014  SA Health makes mess of care of aged View
15/09/2014   Now it's double or nothing for victims View 
08/09/2014  Nation's Law Council a growing force View 
01/09/2014  Reconciliation plan helps close the gap  View
27/08/2014  Haste for answers a sub judice threat View
18/08/2014  Actions a spit in the face of authority View
11/08/2014  Heartache of commercial surrogacy View
04/08/2014  Jury's out on NT domestic violence law View
28/07/2014  MH17 tragedy in essence a war crime View
21/07/2014  Lawyers don't reject SAPOL's pay rates View
14/07/2014  Phone laws may not lead to safe driving View
07/07/2014  Changes would have Don turn in his grave View
30/06/2014   Broken promises appear no accident  View
23/06/2014   Trust a must for judicial appointments  View
16/06/2014   Coroner examines deaths in custody  View
09/06/2014   Sentencing not at the whim of judges  View
02/06/2014   Redress needed for children betrayed  View
26/05/2014   Australia awash with law graduates  View
19/05/2014   The lengths street collectors can go to  View
12/05/2014   How to control unwanted telemarketing  View
05/05/2014   Society judged by how it treats prisoners  View
28/04/2014   Where you stand on ticket scalping  View
21/04/2014   Never forget what the fallen did for us  View
14/04/2014   Should legal profession be nationalised  View
07/04/2014   Confront overcrowding in our prisons  View
31/03/2014   Prudence needed in repeal day hitlist  View
24/03/2014   Shades of grey in judging under-age sex  View
17/03/2014   Political agenda should heed liberties  View
10/03/2014   Lawyers role is to defend civil liberties  View
03/03/2014   Electoral systems origins and oddities  View
24/02/2014   SA kids need independent commissioner  View
17/02/2014   What if caretaker convention is broken  View
10/02/2014   Road victims rights cunningly slashed  View
03/02/2014   Workers comp reform has early merits  View
27/01/2014   Check fine print on bushfire insurance  View
20/01/2014   Law change may curb invasion of privacy  View
13/01/2014   Our justice system starved of funding  View
06/01/2014   Corruption exacts cost from society  View
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30/12/2013   Lawyers show their community spirit  View
23/12/2013   So who exactly owns santa claus  View
16/12/2013   Holden and the law of redundancy  View
09/12/2013   Legal insurance lifts access to justice  View
02/12/2013   Should privacy be a democratic right  View
26/11/2013   How to fix South Australia's 'buggered' WorkCover  View
18/11/2013   Victims of crime often short-changed  View
11/11/2013   Politicians trying to do judges' jobs  View
07/11/2013   Law Society welcomes the decision to scrap the cap  View
04/11/2013   Lawyers' poor reputation unjustified  View
28/10/2013   Ethical legal profession key to justice  View
21/10/2013   Pro bono work vital for access to justice  View
16/10/2013   Will not enough to look after inheritance  View
07/10/2013   Courts need a plan for unknown future  View
30/09/2013   Justice has become cumbersome beast  View
24/09/2013   E-Conveyancing needs risk controls  View
16/09/2013   Would you let a pollie vote for you  View
09/09/2013   Justice needs funding to run properly  View
02/09/2013   Our criminal justice system unveiled  View
26/08/2013   Society needs own get out of jail card  View
19/08/2013   It's a crime to keep locking them up  View
12/08/2013   Paying up to duck your day in court  View
05/08/2013   Unregistered drivers face perfect storm  View
29/07/2013   New appeals law serves public better  View
22/07/2013   New role needs to work for children  View
15/07/2013   Commissioner for kids welcome idea  View
08/07/2013   Independence can be deciding factor  View
01/07/2013   So many laws cant all be enforced  View
24/06/2013   Justice underfunded is justice denied  View
17/06/2013   Lawyers proud of their contribution  View
10/06/2013   Day to remember our governing rights  View
03/06/2013   Crucial our courts remain independent  View
20/05/2013   Justice for all is a core responsibility  View
13/05/2013   Challenges facing our justice system  View
06/05/2013   Go behind the scenes and learn more  View
29/04/2013   Hats off to the law's brightest and best  View
22/04/2013   Allies and foes helped us build a nation  View
15/04/2013   Leaks suggest a mixed Budget bag  View
08/04/2013   Justice In Jeopardy Without Resources  View
01/04/2013   In a lop-sided contract - Help is at hand  View
25/03/2013   Companies lending for own benefit  View
24/03/2013   Shades of grey in judging under-age sex  View
18/03/2013   It's a pretty big ask for a small claim  View
11/03/2013   We need to have good think on sexting  View
06/03/2013   Law Society concerned about proposed mandatory imprisonment laws  View
04/03/2013   Get the facts not just polling figures  View
18/02/2013   Cuts threaten to bleed justice and rights  View
11/02/2013   You can bet on gambling law changes  View
04/02/2013   In defence of our nation's law process  View
28/01/2013   Road safety is not just about funding  View
23/01/2013   Society backs judges call for restoring penalty powers of Courts  View
Publication date
10/12/2012   Bill on future care decisions a major step  View
03/12/2012   Who pays legal costs when you win  View
26/11/2012   Broad focus may blunt commission  View
25/11/2012   Legal Community welcomes review of CTP Scheme review of administration must be included  View
19/11/2012   Changes must protect accident victims  View
12/11/2012   Juvenile justice system on right track  View
05/11/2012   Society upholding your legal rights  View
29/10/2012   Survey shows legal needs are unmet  View
22/10/2012   Let's give our children every chance  View
15/10/2012   Identity protection is the best option  View
08/10/2012   Rehab, compo Act simply not working  View
01/10/2012   Celebrating the fruits of our labour  View
24/09/2012   Boating no time to shirk responsibility  View
17/09/2012   Tread lightly on private information  View
10/09/2012   Security must not be taken to extremes  View
03/09/2012   Lack of reform still a national shame  View
20/08/2012   A new way to avoid costly litigation  View
13/08/2012   Overhaul our expiation notice system  View
06/08/2012   Defamation litigation in Twitter age  View
30/07/2012   Olympic Games conflict resolution  View
23/07/2012   Mediation proves to be cost effective  View
16/07/2012   Tackling matrix of prisoner problems  View
09/07/2012   Resist erosion of democratic principles  View
02/07/2012   Constitutional checks and balances  View
25/06/2012   Powers use wrong bait in fishing laws  View
18/06/2012   Lessons in justice from the footy field  View
28/05/2012   Vulnerable need our help to survive  View
21/05/2012   Time to put a safety lock on gun laws  View
18/02/2012   Cuts threaten to bleed justice and rights  View
11/02/2012   You can bet on gambling law changes  View
04/02/2012   In defence of our nation's law process  View