Tim White - President 
Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers owner/partner Tim White has been with the firm for 24 years. In that time he has built a client base as diverse as Australian society itself. He attends TGB’s offices in SA, WA and the NT.

He has particular expertise handling personal injury claims in which he has helped thousands of clients including defence force members, Commonwealth employees, state-based workers under the WorkCover schemes, and people with motor vehicle claims. 

His military clients include current-serving members who have been injured physically or psychologically, and veterans who have left the military but need assistance with their compensation claims. These include veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East. He has tackled historic and complex claims on behalf of veterans exposed to atomic bomb tests at Maralinga in the 1950’s and the bombing at Hiroshima. 

Tim is a member of the Air Force Reserves, in which he serves as a Legal Officer with the rank of Squadron Leader. This pursuit has inspired him to become one of the very few lawyers in Australia to specialise in representing defence force personnel and their families.

Pursuing difficult class-action claims is one of Tim’s specialities. He helped hundreds of South Australian breast cancer sufferers who were tragically misdiagnosed. He was also the driving force behind an international class action relating to faulty PIP breast implants.

His tenacity in helping his clients is also on show outside of work where he is a keen runner and cyclist. He has completed in more than 15 marathons and cycled in a number of long-distance events including the Police Legacy WA event /ride from Karratha to Broome.

Tim’s positions for and on behalf of the Law Society (past and present) include:

  • Ethics and Practice Committee
  • Litigation Assistance Fund Advisory Board
  • Regulation Advisory Committee
  • Law Society representative on the Joint Rules Advisory Committee
  • Professional Standards Scheme Committee (including as its Chair)
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • GDLP Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • New Lawyers Committee
  • Corporate Governance Committee
  • Costs Committee
  • Accident Compensation Committee 
Tim has been a member of the Law Society Council for periods totalling nine years and joined the Executive in 2017.