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Public Sector & Inhouse Lawyers Webinar

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1.0 CPD Unit in Practice Management / Business Skills

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1.0 CPD Unit in Practice Management / Business Skills

Simplified Contracting

Everyone keeps talking about doing ‘more with less’ but what are the practical ways to make that happen.  The data shows that one common area of overwork seems to be contracting.  Engo are “legal efficiency” experts who will present a series of techniques and practical examples of legal teams reducing their effort in contracting by 40-60%.

They will show how best practice legal teams use theories from other disciplines to implement smarter, leaner ways.  These practical methods allow to teams to rely more on self help, spend less time drafting, spend less time negotiating, all while creating a safer more compliant environment. This allows teams to focus on the kind of work that matters most; the bigger, more important tasks.

Seems too good to be true? Come and join us on Wednesday, 29 July to find out more.

Presented by: Jason Ryan, Engo

What does Engo do?
We know legal operations inside-out and we bring fresh thinking from the outside-in.

Engo uses theories from other disciplines to implement smarter, leaner ways of working for in-house legal teams.

The traditional career path focuses on legal skills but spends no time teaching lawyers how to work efficiently and effectively. It’s no wonder some legal teams struggle.

That’s where Engo comes in. We take the red pen to inefficient processes, long-winded contracts and ballooning costs. We have created over 20 separate methodologies that give a high-performance boost to legal teams of all sizes.

We free lawyers from low-value tasks, allowing legal teams to focus on the kind of work that matters most. Strategic matters. Game-changing matters. The big stuff. The stuff lawyers are paid to do — the stuff they want to do.

Engo assists legal teams to run smoother, drive strategy and save their companies a lot of money.

Who is Jason Ryan?
Jason was one of the first to bring legal operations to Australia and became a founding member of CLOC (Australia). Jason practised as a commercial solicitor and in-house lawyer in Melbourne and London for companies such as BUPA, AXA, Foster’s, and Treasury Wine Estates sharing a lot of ideas with like-minded General Counsels.

After working for many years in-house, it dawned on Jason and Gavin that the best ideas and theories for running legal teams are found outside of law.

They researched these principles and developed specialised solutions for in-house legal teams. Other departments like Finance, IT and Marketing have been employing this kind of thinking for decades — now they’re helping in-house legal teams to catch up.

Both Jason and Gavin are experienced in-house lawyers, they're experts in legal operations and they love efficiency.

29/07/2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Via Zoom

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