Culture Can Address Bullying, Harassment and Mental Health

Culture Can Address Bullying, Harassment and Mental Health
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2.5 CPD units in Bullying Discrimination and Harassment  

*** Practitioners are now required to complete 1 CPD unit (out of 10) on bullying, discrimination and harassment. This session meets that requirement. ***

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Presenter:  Michelle Stanton - Zone Culture 
Chair:  Grant Feary - Legal Risk Counsel, Law Claims 

Michelle Stanton is a Thought Leader in the field of Organisational Culture and The Zone – the Flow state of peak performance. Michelle is the founder and CEO of Zone Culture and the author of The Timeless World - Debunk your fears and discover Heaven on Earth and Selling in the Zone - Stress free success in sales. She is a past President of the Professional Speakers Association in South Australia and a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

Culture can address Bullying, Harassment and Mental Health 

Join us for this interactive workshop, designed for professionals in high pressure environments, as Michelle shows us how to create a Zone Culture in your company which resolves bullying and harassment and improves mental health, resilience and productivity.

Many companies have worked out their Culture strategy – their vision, mission and values, but not all employees are living these important values every day. Just knowing the vision, mission and values is not enough. It is in the implementation or execution that your Company Culture becomes the key driver of success and value in your company. That is where Zone Culture comes in.

What is the Zone?

Stop for a moment and think about those days when everything just 'clicks' and you find yourself finishing jobs you've been avoiding. Even when things don't go according to plan, you remain calm, clear and creatively find solutions to move forward. Days when you interact with everyone around you with spontaneous harmony - engendering a state of creative collaboration within your team.

The way you feel on those days is how highly effective professionals achieve extraordinary outcomes for themselves and through their people. According to Michelle Stanton, founder of Zone Culture, this way of experiencing life, at work and at home, is called 'being in the zone'.

When you and your team are in the Zone, your company culture becomes Zone Culture – the extraordinary culture of harmony, teamwork, collaboration and peak performance without stress.

If you have been wondering how to address the issue of bullying and harassment as well as improve the mental health, resilience and productivity of your team, this workshop is for you.


Previous comments about this session;

“Great! Such an educational masterclass”, Melissa Shorter, Partner, Duncan Basheer Hannon Lawyers

“Great thought provoking content”, Penny Reidy, Director, Market Fresh SA

“Very informative presentation”, Brooke Kenny, ClinPath Pathology

Fantastic session”, Kate Lukasz, Director, Summit Finance

“Excellent presenter – very passionate”, Maureen Lawler, Executive Manager, Corporate Services, Barkuma

Overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive and the ongoing demand for your workshops are testament to their quality. Our members continue to find your knowledge and experience valuable and highly sought after. Karen Raffen, CEO, Brand South Australia

We were very pleased with how receptive the audience were to your presentation, and we have received much positive feedback from the attendees. It is thanks to your generous support that we were able to achieve that outcome and deliver such a high-quality eventAudra McCarthy, CEO, Defence Teaming Centre.

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21/10/2021 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Law Society Level 10, 178 North Terrace ADELAIDE SA 5000 AUSTRALIA
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