Law Claims

What does Law Claims do?

Law Claims administers the South Australian Legal Practitioners Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme (the Scheme). The Scheme is compulsory for South Australian legal practitioners in private practice. There are some exceptions, for example, practitioners employed in government or those who have applied for and been granted exemptions by the Society.

The Scheme’s insurance policy indemnifies a Law Practice against Claims for civil liability incurred in connection with legal practice. The limit of indemnity under the Scheme policy is $2m per claim, which includes defence and claim costs. Please see the Scheme Documents for full terms and conditions.

Law Claims manages the Scheme and is authorised by the insurers to the Scheme to manage claims on behalf of insurers.

Law Claims also offers extensive Risk Management assistance to insured practices, with a view to preventing common errors that lead to claims. Risk Management resources include Document Packages in a number of different practice areas, as well as the Practice Visit Program and specialised Risk Management CPD sessions.

How can a practitioner notify?

Practitioners should contact Law Claims by email or telephone in the first instance. We can send you a notification form. For more information, see the Notifying a claim section on the Scheme page.

T: (08) 8410 7677

Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme

The Law Society of South Australia established and operates the Legal Practitioners Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme (the Scheme) pursuant to s 52 of the Legal Practitioners Act 1981 (SA). The Scheme is approved by the Attorney-General each year.

See the Scheme page for access to the Scheme Documents, Notification Forms and other information on the Scheme.

Risk Management

The aim of the Risk Management activities of the Law Society is to reduce the incidence and magnitude of insurance claims against South Australian legal practitioners.

The following Risk Management Resources are available to legal practitioners insured through the Scheme.

  • Practice Visit Program
  • Risk Managment Document Packages
  • CPD Sessions
  • Additional Resources, including Riskwatch News, Schedule of Limitations and Practitioner Alerts.

See the Risk Management page for access to the resources.

Law Claims Contact Details

Law Claims: Professional Indemnity Insurance
T: (08) 8410 7677

Law Claims: Risk Management/Practice Visit
T: (08) 8410 7677